It’s easy to tell when your home HVAC unit isn’t working properly. That’s because the HVAC system in your home controls the temperature and humidity. It also removes the cold, heat, and moisture from the air to provide more comfort for you and your family. Additionally, newer HVAC technology provides anti-bacterial air purification. We recommend the Burnaby HVAC Company in Burnaby, British Columbia in Canada if you next expert advice.

If it’s been a while since you checked into a home HVAC unit, keep reading to learn important information that you need to know.

Preparing for Frost!

Call on Your Home HVAC Vendor for Help

Call on Your Home HVAC Vendor for Help

Burnaby, British Columbia in Canada is one of the largest cities in British Columbia with a population of 232,750. Simon Fraser University resides there and there are also technology companies in the area. Those companies include Ballard Power who makes high tech fuel cells, D-wave for quantum computing and EA Canada, a famous game developer. It is, of course, also home to Burnaby HVAC Company.

Canadians enjoy a northern climate so you must prepare for cold weather if you visit or live there. The highest average high temperature in Burnaby is 21.2 degrees Celsius which usually occurs during July and August. Conversely, the lowest average temperature is around 0.8 degrees Celsius. Click here if you want to learn more about Burnaby.

• Price Ranges of Home HVAC Units

Price Ranges of Home HVAC Units

Different types of HVAC like the window type or the split type are both equally efficient. It’s best to familiarize yourself with the basic styles of home HVAC units that are available.4800

First, you may select less expensive window units that have smaller sizes with lower capacities.

Next, you might prefer the more powerful split types with their compressors outside. The inside portion of the unit mounts close to the ceiling and emits a relatively low amount of noise.

Finally, at a higher price is the inverter with a compressor with variable speeds. When the unit reaches the right temperature, the compressor slows or shuts down until the temperature rises. This allows a higher level of energy efficiency which in turn, provides savings on your energy bill.

• The Right Home HVAC for Your Room SizeThe Right Home HVAC for Your Room Size

First, you must measure the rooms to select the right size HVAC. The sizes of HVACs are based on their strength and you measure this in Horsepower or HP. Too low of horsepower for the designated space causes the unit to run at higher speeds and thereby wastes energy.

When you shop for a quick cool heating and air conditioning home HVAC unit from the specialists in Burnaby, they do an in-person walk-through of your home. The factors they consider include insulation, windows, items in the room, and the number of occupants. Interestingly, all these things affect how efficiently a room cools or heats.

• The Importance of Energy Efficiency RatiosHome HVAC Energy Efficiency Ratios

Having an HVAC means higher energy consumption for your home. However, most modern units have efficient energy use designs. Therefore, the energy ratios are an important consideration when comparison shopping.

Efficiency means less energy consumption with the right cooling power. To measure the energy efficiency ratio, take the British Thermal Unit and divide it by the wattage of the unit. The British Thermal Unit is the amount of heat needed for 1 pound of water by 1 degree Fahrenheit. A higher EER means the unit is more efficient.

In the United States, the SEER is more commonly used. This is the EER divided by 0.9. It is required in the United States that air conditioners for the home have at least a SEER rating of 10. This, however, does not include window type units which can have a lower SEER.

Enjoy Your Comfortable Home HVAC!Enjoy Your Comfortable Home HVAC

We hope you now have good information about these three important factors. You might also want to contact your local home HVAC specialists for their expert advice. Remember, if you live in British Columbia, we recommend the Burnaby HVAC Company in Burnaby. Overall, be certain that your home HVAC unit not only keeps the right temperature but also be certain that your unit is energy efficient for continuous low-energy comfort for your family.

We’d like to know more about your home HVAC experiences in the comments below. You will also find some other pertinent links for your further convenience, information, and enjoyment.

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