Driveway repair is not something most people think about until the damage is staring us in the face. Our driveways get gleefully decorated during the holidays, but then, we drive in and out on them without giving them much thought. However, this is a basic household commodity, just like anything else and needs a regular routine of driveway repair and maintenance.

There are many things to be aware of regarding your driveway’s condition so the help you along, we’ve compiled a list below of information and resources to keep your driveway looking great and performing beautifully.

The Six Red Flags for Driveway Repair

? Cracks

Multiple cracks are the first big red flag that it’s time to have your driveway repaired. While a crack here or there may not be the end of the world, leaving cracks as they are will develop into a bigger issue. So before you get larger problems, have someone repair your driveway. If you ignore them, these cracks spread all around until you’re left with no other choice but to replace the entire driveway. So, if you see cracks widening and spreading, then you know it’s time to consult a professional about your driveway repair.

? Potholes

There is never a “good pothole”. No matter where they show up, they’re bad news. Potholes occur when the ground below them starts to expand and the driveway material gives way.

Pot Hole Driveway Repair & Maintenance

Potholes are not just bad news for your driveway, but repeatedly driving over them with your car eventually ruins your tires and suspension. If this occurs, consult with a professional to see which potholes are easy to fix and which are more difficult and time-consuming.

? Poor Drainage

After a big rainstorm is a perfect time to check on the condition of your driveway. Even though you see some puddles here and there right after it stops raining, they shouldn’t linger there throughout the day.

If they do remain, the cause of this is an uneven or sloped driveway where the water starts to gather. Over time, the water will seep its way into the ground below and eventually turn into cracks and potholes. This is also one of the easiest red flags to spot when you inspect at your driveway.

? Crumbling

Crumbling Driveway

If you start to see big chunks falling off your driveway, that’s a sign of a poor foundation and bad news for your driveway. Similar to cracks or drainage, finding a small piece here or there isn’t cause for concern but large pieces that fall off is a big red flag.

Those falling pieces mean your entire driveway is going to start sliding and may eventually crumble. Be smart and have someone come and talk to you about your driveway repair before it becomes the neighborhood landslide.

? Warping

Warp in Driveway needs Repair

Warping is not just a problem for hardwood floors, but also for your driveway. The continual pressure on your driveway from vehicles constantly going up and down causes the warping over time.

Unfortunately, warping leaves your driveway looking rough and out of condition. The problem is, if your driveway is already warping, you might be beyond a simple repair and must call in the professionals for a possible resurfacing.

? Wear Over Time

Just like your car must have its oil replaced once every three months – your driveway must have heavy maintenance done every 15 years. That’s because, harsh weather conditions, constant pressure, poor drainage issues, and cracks will over time lead to complete replacement unless maintenance stays up-to-date. So, if your driveway is coming up on that 15-year mark, start researching companies that will help you fix your house’s runway.

Beautiful Driveway with Regular Repair & Maintenance

Follow these tips for a beautiful driveway that is free from cracks and corrosion. Remember, regular maintenance will keep your driveway in top shape for many years to come. This gives you peace of mind that your driveway is not only attractive but also safe for use by you, your family, and guests.

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