10 Signs Foundation Repair Is Needed

The foundation of a house is a vital structure. Over time, the signs of problems with the foundation can be misleading, while others are clear signs that foundation repair is necessary.   

If you plan to buy a new home or want to ensure that your house’s structure is optimal, it is essential to know the signs of foundation problems.  Foundation repair can be costly and time-consuming, especially if you’re not familiar with the basics. When you ignore potential foundation issues, it can affect different aspects of your house.   

If you think you might be having problems with your foundation, then, you are in the right place. We invite you to continue reading to learn more about the 10 signs foundation repair is needed.

How to Know When you Need Foundation Repair

10 Signs Foundation Repair Is Needed

1. Sinking   

When a part of your house seems to sink into the ground, you should check it out right away to determine the root cause of the settlement issue, which is a sign of a foundation problem. If one side of the house seems to lift upwards, calling a foundation repair Asheville NC, if you live within the area, is the best move to make.   

2. Cracks   

Once you discover cracks in your house’s foundation or the façade, it’s a problem that you shouldn’t ignore. Fissures on the wall or a broken chimney are also indications that you need foundation repair. Remember that when cracks appear, carefully inspect the foundation to ensure the right repair job.  

3. Patio Pulling Away   

As sturdy support for your house, a foundation works the same for your patio. It’s important to note that decks are part of a house, but once you discover that they’re pulling away from your home for no reason, there’s something wrong with the foundation.  

4. Water Leaks In The Basement   

If there’s water leakage or moisture in the basement, it might be due to cracks in the basement wall. Cracks might form when soil expands once it’s wet. The expansion drives the wall inwards due to the pressure that the ground exerts.    

The soil contracts once it dries out. Additionally, it can shift due to natural factors, which also places pressure on the basement walls. The continuous pressure from the soil’s shifting and expansion can weaken the concrete steadily and produce cracks where water or moisture can enter. Calling the help of professionals, such as a basement waterproofing Boston service provider, is the best move to make when this issue occurs.   

5. Gaps In The Ceiling And Molding   

When there’s an evident gap between the ceiling and the molding in a room, it indicates a foundation issue. It’s a sign that the foundation can’t support the weight of your house.   

6. Windows Sticking Out 

When the windows start to stick out, or the glass begins to crack, it might be due to the bowing of the wall in your house. As the walls start to curve due to the cracks or bow due to the uneven pressure, it will affect the windows. It can manifest as cracks on the window glass, which also causes them to stick out from the wall.   

7. Poor Water Drainage   

One sign that foundation repair is necessary is poor water drainage. You should check the property regularly for damp patches of soil when there has been no rain. The wet patches are a sign of a broken pipe that’s leaking.   

8. Separating Walls   

Depending on your house’s design, it is likely to have a wall structure that no longer attaches to the foundation. If the walls are separating, the foundation might be the culprit.    

9. Foundation Upheaval   

When foundation upheaval occurs, the slab foundation starts to shift in an upward motion. It’s a sign of a severe problem with your foundation. It’s a clear indication that the structure of your house experiences the opposite of foundation settling. In most cases, heaving can involve the foundation’s perimeter, but it also affects the interiors. It typically affects the garage walls. 

10. Wrinkling Poster Or Wallpaper   

Another typical indication of foundation damage is the wrinkling of the wallpaper or posters. It might be due to the shifting floors or cracking walls.    


Once you discover any of the signs of potential foundation problems, don’t hesitate to get in touch with a professional right away. Even a minor indication of a problem requires immediate foundation repair to keep your house structurally sound for years to come. 

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    It was helpful when you said that water leaks are a bad sign. My husband and I have noticed water leaks in our basement. We’ll have to look into hiring a foundation repair company that can help us.


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