When you are thinking about remodeling your home you want to do your research to make sure you stay current with the hottest trends. Flooring is a big decision to make because it’s in every room and you need to budget for it along with making the right choice for style and your families needs. Today’s post are the happening trends in the latest flooring materials.

What's Trending in Flooring Materials

Carpeting Trends

Things to consider when choosing carpet for your home:

  • Eco-friendly – In the past carpets were known to have chemicals in them due to the manufacturing processes. Today, you have more eco-friendly options that are better for the environment and your family as well.
  • Quality – Luxury carpeting manufacturers are making their carpet using nylon fibers in a whole new way, they are using more fibers per inch. This makes them stronger and creates an amazingly soft and lush carpet perfect for a living room or bedroom application.

Wood Flooring Trends

Wood flooring offered in softwoods, hardwoods, and faux woods are still a popular choice. Let’s face it, people like the natural look of wood flooring in their home, it adds character. Today you have many options for wood or wood looking floors to meet all budgets.

  • Hardwood flooring is the most expensive choice in wood flooring but offers some great benefits such as; if it is damaged it can be sanded and fixed. Depending on whether the wood flooring is solid or engineered you have the option of sanding and refinishing it to fix it. Engineered flooring has a real wood top coat over a plywood sub-straight and depending on the level of quality depends on how many times you will be able to sand and refinish it. You want to consider this when making a decision on what wood floor to buy.
  • Faux woods – Laminated flooring has become a popular choice over real wood floors due to its durability and cost. There are huge cost differences between the two choices and the installation of laminated flooring versus hardwood flooring is much easier and creates no mess. The flooring just snaps together and if one of the planks get damaged you can remove it and replace it with another plank.

Porcelain Tile

Porcelain tile has become very popular with homeowners due to its durability and the variable price ranges it’s offered in. Unlike ceramic, porcelains color finish is throughout the material and does not show chips. Porcelain is hard, non-porous and doesn’t crack or chip easily. There is a trend for larger floor tiles and rectified grout joints eliminating the look of grout for a cleaner look and feel. Due to digital imagery tile can look like real stone and marble but offer more durability for a lot less money. Like vinyl tile, you can get a wood look in porcelain too.

Luxury Vinyl Tiles 

At some point or another you’ve probably come into contact with vinyl flooring. So it’s no big surprise that someone out there decided to take vinyl to a new level. This type of vinyl uses advanced technology to create a durable, yet aesthetically pleasing material that is incredibly soft and comfortable to walk on.

Vinyl tile allows you to get a flooring material that is indeed vinyl, can look just like wood but without the worry of wear and tear. The good news is it’s cheaper than hardwood and might be the perfect choice if you don’t have the budget for real wood. The wood look is just one option, it comes both in planks and square tiles. Essentially the advanced technology allows you to take a picture of any texture and make it into a vinyl flooring, giving you the softness of vinyl and the look you desire. 

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