As an interior designer, it’s vital to keep my finger on the pulse of luxury brand products for my discerning clients. So, when the opportunity arose to join Waterstone Faucets for an exclusive training session in Temecula, California, I couldn’t pass it up. Waterstone Faucets designed an itinerary packed with wine tastings, gourmet meals, and even a hot air balloon ride, this trip promised to be as luxurious as the products we were set to explore.

Waterstone Faucets Amazing Adventure in Temecula 

Waterstone Faucets Wine Glasses

Meet and Greet at The Vineyard Rose Restaurant

Waterstone Faucets Meet and Greet

Our adventure kicked off with a beautiful dinner at The Vineyard Rose Restaurant. Picture this: a stunning backdrop of rolling vineyards, the soft hum of conversation, and the clinking of wine glasses.

It was the perfect setting to meet my fellow attendees—six other professionals from the world of design and luxury faucets. Our hosts for the evening, Jodi Vallejos (Regional Sales Manager for Waterstone Faucets) and Kris Feneque (Sales Representative for Waterstone Faucets) ensured we felt like VIPs right from the start. The food was exquisite, the company delightful, and the anticipation for the next day was palpable.

High Above the Wine Country

Waterstone Faucets Hot Air Balloon Ride

The next morning, we woke up bright and early, ready for the experience of a lifetime: a hot air balloon ride with the Great Escape Hot Air Balloon Tour. As we ascended, the views of Temecula’s wine country unfolded beneath us, an endless tapestry of vineyards and valleys. Floating serenely above it all, I couldn’t help but think that this was the perfect metaphor for the luxury we aim to bring into our clients’ homes—elevated and breathtaking.

Brunch at Bolero at Europa Village Winery

Waterstone Faucets Bolero Winery

Our feet firmly back on the ground, we headed to Bolero at Europa Village Winery for a brunch that can only be described as divine. The spread was sumptuous, featuring everything from artisanal cheeses to freshly baked pastries, perfectly complemented by their signature wines. It was the perfect way to recharge before diving back into our packed itinerary.

Wine Tasting at Wilson Creek Winery

Next on the list was Wilson Creek Winery for a wine-tasting session. Here, we sipped on some of the finest wines Temecula has to offer. Each glass was a new adventure for the palate, much like how each new Waterstone faucet design is a feast for the eyes. The ambiance was relaxed, yet sophisticated—a delicate balance that I strive to achieve in my own designs.

Sleuthing at the Escape Room

Waterstone Faucets Escape Room

Before dinner, we decided to test our wits at an escape room challenge called “40 Thieves.” With teamwork and a bit of ingenuity, we managed to solve the puzzle with eight minutes to spare. There’s nothing like a good escape room to bond with a group of designers and industry experts. Plus, it’s always nice to know we can handle a little pressure outside the design world!

Dinner at 1909 in Old Town Temecula

Our day concluded with dinner at 1909 in Old Town Temecula. This eclectic eatery served up a delicious mix of modern and classic dishes. The lively atmosphere and charming historic setting made for a memorable dining experience. It was the perfect end to a day filled with adventure, learning, and laughter.

The Main Event: Waterstone Faucets Factory Tour

Waterstone Faucets Factory Tour

The final day of our trip was dedicated to the main event—a tour of the Waterstone Faucets showroom and factory. Chris Kuran, the founder and owner, personally guided us through the experience. His passion for his product designs and his genuine care for his team were evident in every interaction. Chris knew each employee by name, and it was clear that this was not just a company, but a family.

Waterstone Faucets Showroom Tour

The Waterstone Faucets showroom tour was a designer’s dream come true. We saw an array of stunning faucets, each one a masterpiece of design and engineering. And just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, we were introduced to some top-secret Waterstone Faucets prototypes that had us all buzzing with excitement.

Lunch and Wine Tasting at Miramonte Winery

Waterstone Faucets Miramonte Winery

After the factory tour, we headed to Miramonte Winery for another round of wine tasting and a delightful lunch. The serene setting and delectable food provided a perfect backdrop to reflect on everything we had learned and experienced.

Final Dinner at Cork | Fire Kitchen

Waterstone Faucets Cork

Our trip concluded with a final dinner at Cork | Fire Kitchen, a restaurant known for its picturesque views of the golf course. The setting sun cast a golden glow over the landscape as we enjoyed our last meal together. The food was outstanding, the company even better, and the memories made will undoubtedly last a lifetime.

Reflections on an Unforgettable Journey

Waterstone Faucets Friends

This trip to Temecula was more than just a training session—it was an immersive experience in luxury, design, and camaraderie. As an interior designer, it’s crucial to stay informed about the latest in luxury brand products, and this journey with Waterstone Faucets provided invaluable insights. From the breathtaking hot air balloon ride to the intimate factory tour, every moment was a reminder of why I love what I do.

So here’s to Waterstone Faucets for hosting such an incredible event, and to the beautiful Temecula wine country for providing the perfect backdrop. I return home inspired, energized, acquired new friends, and ready to bring a touch of this luxury and excitement into my clients’ homes. Cheers!

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