We have a special interview today with Dig This Design’s  own Patricia Davis Brown. She explains how Transitional Design integrates contemporary and classic, how she personally uses it in her own design aesthetic, why she thinks it’s timeless, and the impact popular trends have on keeping that timeless effect.

Transitional Design with Patricia Davis Brown

“I like to have a calm architectural space and then do the unexpected by introducing an organic material such as a reclaimed piece of furniture or a honed beam into it. Any design is about balance and you have to maintain the right cocktail of materials to get it right.”

When asked about the limits of transitional design she enthusiastically replies, “Anything goes. That’s what I LOVE about the transitional style; there are no rules, the unexpected works!”

This style can coexist with everyone, it is asexual and is loved by all and is the reason it is the most popular in today’s culture!

Don’t box yourself in with a trend. Step outside the box and be different, unique and you will be a standout.

At the end of the day Patricia explains, “It’s all about listening to my client on their likes and dislikes and proceeding once I know them. For every style it is important that the furniture fit the user. In transitional style, I like keeping the room calm and then punch it with a standout piece like a bright colored ottoman or rug.”

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