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The Parson Chair, Versatile and Classic

Parson Chair - French dining room design

What I love about a Parson chair is its versatility in home design. It can be used in every room of your home and can take on any personality depending on the selection of fabric and the design of the covering. I would like to walk you through the different rooms of the house and show you how a Parson chair fits in. What’s great about this simplistic chair design is you can repurpose it over and over again as your design style changes.

The Many Styles of the Parson Chair

Dining Room

The Parson chair in the dining room is perfect due to being able to add the colors and the patterns that help you create the character of the room. Another reason they are so popular in dining room design is that they are super comfy to sit in.

Parson Chair - French dining room design

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From formal to casual the Parson chair is a smart pick for a dining room setting.

Parson Chair - Casual dining room

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Living Room

When I am designing for a living room furniture plan I like to use a Parson chair to add a splash of color. The design of the chair allows me to show some creativity and bring the client’s personality into the space.

Parson Chair - Customized upholstery on a Parson chair

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Parson Chair - Living room design

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The Parson chair is perfect for a teenage girls room. Designed with a skirt it gives a very feminine vibe and makes an elegant statement.

Parson Chair - Teenage girls room design

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A master bathroom makeup vanity screams for the parson chair style. once again it gives comfort and a bit of girlishness for sitting and applying makeup.

Parson Chair - Makeup vanity with a parson chair.

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Using the Parson chair for your room décor is a great choice for every room. Whether you are seeking a contemporary vibe or shabby chic one, the Parson chair if done right, can morph into the style of your choice. You might want to consider consulting with a design professional for a little guidance to get the look just right. There are many designers who will work for an hour consultation fee and it is worth a couple of hundred dollars to get a professional look.

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