3 Interior Design Tips to Add Elegance

If you spend any time watching HGTV or looking at Pinterest, you probably have visions of what your home could look like if you only had an unlimited decorating budget. The good news is there are simple and relatively inexpensive ways to add elegance to your home. Here are 3 interior design tips to help you achieve elegance in your home’s interior:

Interior Design Tips

Interior Design Tips

1. Get Rid of Wall-to-wall Carpeting

While it is true that wall-to-wall carpet makes a home seem warm and soft, it doesn’t add elegance to your home in the way that hardwood floors do. Carpeting holds bacteria and is an out of date look. Hardwood floors are a fantastic investment that adds resale value to your home, as it is viewed as a premium finish. They are easier to clean and can last a lifetime if cared for properly. If you feel your budget does not allow for wood floors you might consider a couple of options.

  • Possibly doing wood flooring in some rooms and porcelain tile in others. Wood flooring and tile work well together, you just want to consider the transitional heights of each material when meeting at a threshold or doorway.
  • Consider laminate wood flooring. Laminate flooring is durable and looks so much like real wood floors it can trick a pro like me. This can save you about $5.00 a square foot, including installation.

2. Accessorize

You can add a tremendous amount of elegance to any room in your house by choosing the right accessories. Floor length curtains are one of my go-to suggestions for quick interior design tips that add a lot of pizazz to any room design. Choose some beautiful wall hangings and large vases with flowers. Or make an even bigger statement by putting up 3D wall panels on an accent wall. Talissa Decor sells faux leather 3D wall panels that can easily add elegance without breaking the bank.

3. Update Your Lighting Fixtures

Your choice of light fixtures makes a big difference in setting the theme of a room. Forgo the standard light fixtures installed by most contractors, and instead, opt for something more elegant. Make a statement by adding a chandelier to a master bedroom or living room. Add pendant lights over your dining room table or wall sconces to add light to your entryway or hallway. Better Homes and Gardens has a wonderful guide for choosing decorative lighting in your home

You can make your home exude elegance whether your budget is big or small. A few finishing touches and accessories can completely change the feel of your home from the moment someone walks in your front door. If you need to be inspired consider hiring an interior designer and consulting with them about how to stay in budget while creating an elegant interior for your home.

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  1. Persephone de Vito
    Persephone de Vito says:

    It was quite great that you mentioned how choosing the right accessories can easily enhance the elegance and pizzazz of a home. I also liked it when you suggested the use of beautiful wall hangings and vases with flowers as a good addition. Next spring, I’m going to do some redecorating inside the house and one of the things that I will consider adding is a painting and an indoor water feature. What do you think? Thanks for the tips. They’re quite inspiring.

    • Patricia Davis Brown
      Patricia Davis Brown says:

      Everyone should fill their home with things that help them relax and the sound of running water like a water feature is not only beautiful but can be very soothing too. Please send pictures when you’ve completed it.


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