Sixties Style – Bringing Retro Design Back to Life

The sixties were a time of rebellion when it came to popular culture. This spilled over into the way people decorated their homes with neon colors, crazy patterns, and more.

While not all of the décor for the sixties looks as cool today, other ideas still carry their charm. Here are just a few ways that retro-lovers can add sixties style to their home interior.

6 Ways to Bring Sixties Retro Style Into Your Home

Stay “Sixties” Smooth 

Stay "Sixties" Smooth

The sixties saw a craze for curves. It was the decade that the egg chair came into existence, whilst oval coffee tables and bookshelves were also popular. These round furniture types can make great statement pieces in a living room. Plus, it adds a fun, whimsical appeal, although an egg chair may be too bold for some. Go for something that’s a mix of old and new, and it’ll be a hit.

Be Colorful

Sixties Colorful

There was an explosion of color in the sixties. Homes got very matchy-matchy, and they weren’t afraid to play with the boldest of colors. Bright furniture can still look great in a home, although it’s likely you’ll want to tone things down. Don’t color coordinate your floors and walls! Sites like Joybird have some great examples of these mid-century furnishings. From bright red kitchen cabinet to baby-blue sofas, the choice is yours.

Go for the Bold

Modern bathrooms are almost always a clinical white. Back in the sixties, they were full of gaudy colors. While you may want to forgo the bright fixtures, a few pops of color could be a great inspiration. Think baby-blue cabinets and toilet seats can really bring your sixties vision to life. You could even try some wood paneling.

Space Out

Sixties Retro

The sixties were the peak of the space race. Everyone was going crazy about the cosmos, and this showed in their choice of home décor. Hanging orb light fittings, pod chairs and bean bags all had a “spacey” feel to them. Some of this décor still looks great today; For example, retro hanging light fittings can be a great touch in the kitchen over an island or breakfast bar.

Get Moody with the Lighting

The ambient lighting look really took off during the 60s too. Lava lamps are among the most iconic ambient lighting choices of the decade. Nowadays, these lamps are more of a toy than a serious décor choice – however, that isn’t to say other types of ambient lighting can’t find a place in the modern home. Soft glow lighting as found at Auraglow can be great in a bedroom for turning on in the night when you don’t want something intense and glaring. Such lighting can also be great in a bathroom for taking a meditative bath.

Keep Your Toes Warm

Keep Your Toes Warm

Another iconic feature of the 60s was the shag rug. If you’ve got a wooden floor in your bedroom or living room, a shag rug is still a fine choice for keeping those feet warm. Sites like The Rugs Warehouse have a large variety to choose from.

Images Courtesy of Canva.

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