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Pew Seating Designs - Contemporary church seating design.

Churches are an important place where the faithful go to feel God’s presence. However, people may find it hard to participate in church activities if they are uncomfortable. If your church has chairs that are not comfy, people might seek another church to attend. Pew seating designs need to be designed ergonomically for all peoples comforts.

Pew Seating Designs for Comfort

Here are some things that you should consider when choosing pew chairs:

Space Available for Seating

Pew Seating Designs - The size of the church determines the amount of church seating.

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When I am designing any space I like to see what latest styles are available in the market for that item. The key to choosing pews is determining the size that will fit the space along with proper clearances for all people, including ones in wheelchairs. Not all churches can accommodate long pews and in that case, you might consider more versatile pew seating designs such as church chairs or a combination of the two.

Consider the Community Being Served

Aside from the number of people attending the church services, you also need to take the demographics into consideration. If most of the attendees are senior citizens and elders, you should invest in comfortable church furniture. However, if your church mostly has infant attendees, stain resistant and safe seats are a better choice.

Custom Pew Seating

To add to the inviting and warm atmosphere of your church, you should consider adding custom designs to your new or existing pews. You can customize your pews fully, from minute details to the body style, to suit the church’s décor or theme as well as your personal preferences.

Does the church look traditional or contemporary? Depending on its design, you can go from plain and simple-looking pew styles to grand classical and intricate styles. Whichever style you choose, you can also opt for engraved designs of your choice on wooden pews.

Pew seating designs - engraved pews

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Finally, you need to take some time to consider getting pew accessories such as kneelers and bookracks from reputable furniture manufacturers. These usually add some extra functionality to your pews and enhance the experience of your congregation.


Pew Seating Designs - Contemporary church seating design.

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The pew should look aesthetically appealing and match the décor of your church. If your church is set in an old building with stained glass, buying new chairs that have a modern design will not work. Is the church in need of a new look? You should consider choosing a vibrant color to revive it. However, if your church is in a modern building, do not hesitate to buy modern-looking chairs. Just make sure that it matches with the church’s aesthetics.


Budget is always a factor when designing a space and must be taken into consideration when shopping new chairs. If your budget is tight not to worry, there are many price options you can look at. You do not have to spend a fortune to get chairs that meet the needs of churchgoers and look great. If you cannot find affordable pew chairs that are ready-made, you should consider having new chairs made by a qualified carpenter. This might be cheaper than the cost of buying new chairs and transporting them to your church.


Warranty always needs to be considered and factored into the quotes. A well-made pew should come with at least a 5-year warranty for normal wear and tear. If the product does not have a warranty beware.

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