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Family Room – Living a Teenage Dream

I think most kids DREAM of having a fabulous basement design like this to show off to their friends.  As a teenager, this family room would have been the ultimate party place to chill with my friends.  As a parent, I would be happy to know exactly where my children are spending their time.  Even if it means a number of friends will join them in our family room on a regular basis!

Check out this fabulous basement design from interior designer, James Swan.  He found design inspiration for this edgy design by channeling the energy of youth – and it works!

A Boring Family Room Becomes a Fabulous Basement Design

When we first spoke with the client they had a huge (1800 square foot) unused basement space which they didn’t know how to utilize. Knowing the family situation (Mom, Dad and two teenage girls) we pitched them on the crazy idea of turning the space into the ultimate teenage hangout space. We proposed multiple flat-screens, a rocking sound system with dance floor, gaming stations, Swaroski crystal-beaded curtain, pool table, vintage video games and a super cool Graffiti clad bathroom. Turns out the space was so cool that the kids had to send the adults to other parts of the house.



James Swan, Principle, James Swan Interior Design

A big thanks to James for sharing this fabulous basement design with us. Hopefully this space has given you some design inspiration to go and tackle your own family room rennovation.

(Psst… If you are designing your family room around teenagers who are at home now – be sure to bookmark our dorm room design page so that you can help them create a unique space away from home in just a few years!)

Have fun creating your own fabulous basement design!

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