Your bed is the centerpiece of your bedroom and it’s essential to choose the best bed size. It must be as comfortable as possible, or you may not sleep right. Not only that, but your room is a place of solace and should represent you. 

How to Choose the Best Bed Size

Best Bed Size

Different bed sizes can change the layout and feel of a room, from spacious to cozy or from bare to crowded. Before picking out pillows, sheets, or even a mattress, you’ll need to decide on the right size of your mattress and frame. Here are our tips for finding the perfect size. 

1. Consider Comfort

The most important thing about a bed is that it’s comfortable to sleep in. The height of your bed should be easy to get in and out of while still offering storage space underneath if you need it. You should also take your height into account, as a too short or narrow mattress will be uncomfortable to sleep on.

Another comfort factor is how many people will be using the mattress. Twin beds are ideal for children or sleeping alone on a budget. Full beds are large enough for adults, but more than one person may be a tight squeeze. If you need more space, queen size bed frames will fit two people easily or three snugly. Need even more space? Kings are huge and the widest standard mattress size on the market.

2. The Size of the Room

Will you have room for your new bed? Even a couple of inches can make a massive difference to how much space you have. Consider the positioning of your frame, too. Your options will change if you can have it against the wall versus needing both sides open.

If your ideal mattress and frame size don’t fit quite right in your room, you can also try rearranging it. Put the headboard against a different wall, or move some furniture to other rooms. No matter what, your bed is the most important and will usually take up the most space.

Before you buy anything, take exact measurements. Layout tape where you would like your bed to go so you have a realistic idea of what will or won’t work. 

3. Convenience

How will you get your mattress and frame in and out of your room when you move? Are there stairs? How wide are your doorways? Will you have help? Ask yourself these questions before you commit to a size. 

The bigger a bed is, the more difficult it will be to relocate. A king sounds luxurious, but it might not be the right time to purchase one if it doesn’t fit through your doorway or up the stairs. Plus, if you don’t have help moving it, it may be safer to stay in the lower range of sizes. Improper lifting is dangerous and can cause injury. 

4. Keep Cost in Mind

Generally, the bigger a mattress and frame are, the more expensive they will be. Set a budget ahead of time before you have your heart set on something that ends up outside your price range. Don’t go too small in the name of saving money, though; replacing a bed you don’t like is more expensive than getting it right the first time.

Avoid used mattresses, even if they are cheaper. These come with the risk of pests such as bedbugs and fleas, and likely haven’t been thoroughly sanitized since their last owners.

Shop for the Perfectly Sized Mattress with Confidence

Many factors go into deciding which bed is suitable for you, and it’s best to get it right the first time since a poor sleeping environment is costly in many ways. Use these tips to find the ideal setup size that will give you the perfect sleep and the right amount of space that works in your room. 


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