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Furniture for Rainy Day Reading Spaces

We all have our favorite rainy day reading spaces where we slink back into our favorite piece of furniture and nestle in with a good book. There are plenty of styles to choose from in a reading chair, office or library.

These last couple rainy days we’ve enjoyed our favorite reading spaces more and more.  Here are a few room groups we found on Pinterest and fell in love with!

Office Chairs and Furniture

Debenhams.com is a great place to find office chairs and furniture to help create the ultimate reading spaces. From ergonomic support to our favorite colored upholstery, there are some great finds!  This office is the perfect space to find some quiet time and dive into that book you just haven’t had the time to start.

Reading Retro

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This porch is reminiscent of Grandma and Grandpa’s house with broken in, retro furniture and cushy reading chairs. With books stacked high as an end table, the scene is set for a trip into a good book.

Reading Comfy

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There’s nothing like over-sized furniture swallowing you into its creases. Throw your feet up on a matching, soft ottoman and sink into these marshmallow fluff chairs, the perfect spot to doze off with a book on your chest.

Reading Industrial

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This industrial setting screams with a modern intellect that comes with combining raw materials with soft comfort. Perfect for curling up with your favorite architectural book, this industrial style furniture sets the stage for sheer enjoyment.

Reading Hodgepodge

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Loving this hodgepodge chair that has quirky style written all over it. Adorable in a shabby chic setting, like a weathered screened porch, this reading chair has an interest all its own. Prop yourself up and drift off to magical places in this dreamy reading chair.

Whatever your style, there are reading chairs and furniture that will suit and inspire your favorite rainy day spaces.  So, get geared up with a good book and curl into a comfy chair on the next rainy day that’s begging to be widdled away lost in peaceful imagination.

What type of furniture suits your favorite rainy day reading space?

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