Updating your home doesn’t have to cost a bundle or take up all your free time. In fact, there are plenty of home improvements you can make yourself that transforms your house into a modern haven. Even better? They’ll make a huge difference in how you enjoy your home, not to mention your appraisal will come in higher when you’re ready to sell.

Want to see what you can do around the house with a little bit of elbow grease? Keep reading for six easy DIYs if you’re an energetic homeowner who wants to know ways for updating your home.

6 DIY Inspirations for Updating Your Home

① Open Up Your Entrance

6 Simple DIY Options for Updating Your Home - Open up Your Entrance

Who said your front door had to be formal? Even the most traditional colonial benefits from a pop of color in an unexpected place. A front entrance that diverges from the norm—think: navy, black and brick red—gives a hint of its homeowner’s personality. Plus, it helps set your home apart from similar builds up and down the block. Sand, paint and seal, and you’ll have a door that says “welcome home.”

⎆ Quick tip!

Paint isn’t your only option! Stain your hardwood doors in a variety of natural shades. Of course, there’s also a rainbow of colorful hues for a fun, casual look. So, let the character of your door’s wood grain show through.

Want to add a little edge to a classic look? Stain it dark instead of painting it. It’s the front-door equivalent of popping your collar while updating your home.

② Dress Up Your Outdoor Space

A concrete slab patio can feel drab and dirty, more like an after-thought than a welcoming hang-out space for you and your guests. But you don’t need to grab a jackhammer to get a new look. Turning a dull concrete floor into a cool, inviting area is as easy as picking up a can of concrete stain or paint from your local hardware store. You can go with a uniform wash of color or add texture with some easy concrete staining techniques.

⎆ Quick tip!

To transform your concrete pad into a spot worthy of the title “outdoor room,” try to create a wall-like illusion that will set it apart from the rest of your yard. You could plant a garden in container boxes, hang crisscrossing strands of bistro lights or erect a vine-covered pergola over the entire area.

Also be sure to create entrances and pathways to other spaces, like a grill, pool or a grassy play area.

③ Swap Out Unflattering Lighting

6 Simple DIY Options for Updating Your Home - Swap Out Unflattering Lighting

Many overhead light fixtures and ceiling fan/light fixture combos cast unattractive shadows that make rooms look small and cramped. There’s a fix for that—and it doesn’t involve avoiding that particular light switch. Find a fixture you like and grab a screwdriver, some wire cutters and a ladder. That’s all you need to get your lighting out of the dark ages.

Intimidated by your electrical panel? Don’t be! Switch off the circuit you’re working on, place a strip of tape over it—just in case—and get to work.

⎆ Quick tip!

Sometimes, unflattering lighting boils down to a bad light bulb. This is especially true of compact fluorescent bulbs, or CFLs. When they came along, there was only one sickly blue-green color. Now, however, you can find them in a wide range of shades from bright white to warmer tones.

④ Lay Fresh Flooring

Your existing floors don’t need to be curling, warping or worn out to be ready for a replacement. Do your floors have outdated coloring, deep scratches, visible stains, or odd patterns? Pull it up and put down a new look you love!

You might even install real hardwood flooring yourself. However, before installing flooring you must follow the instructions set forth by the flooring manufacturer. Are you worried about incorrectly installing your new floors? Don’t hesitate to reach out to a professional for assistance.

⎆ Quick tip!

Psst! Bathrooms needing a facelift can be DIY too, without adding pricey tile. Engineered stone flooring looks and feels like the natural stuff, but it’s easier to lay yourself. It’s also warmer and softer to the touch than traditional ceramic, making it a comfier choice underfoot during colder months.

⑤ Level Up Your Lawn

6 Simple DIY Options for Updating Your Home - Level up your lawn

Curb appeal counts! Whether you’re getting ready to list your home or you simply want to smile when you pull into your driveway after that long work commute, revitalizing your lawn is always worth it. It also doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Even if you have a large yard, spreading fresh grass seed won’t take more than an afternoon. Protect it from pests and water it frequently, and you’ll soon be seeing green.

⎆ Quick tip!

It turns out there is a secret to having the best yard in town. A lush lawn is all about growing the right grass for your area. Don’t pick just any old seeds or sod. Talk to an experienced landscaper or gardener who can tell you what grows best in your climate.

⑥ Nix Ugly Knobs

Do you cringe every time you turn a doorknob? Consider spending a day finding and installing knobs you like that look like you rather than the former homeowner. It’s also a good idea to bring your door’s strike plate with you when you shop so you match the right knobs as closely as possible.

⎆ Quick tip!

If your kitchen has you feeling a little ho-hum, replacing doorknobs and drawer pulls in this room also help transform your space. All you need is a Phillips head screwdriver to remove the oldies. Pop ’em off and replace them with picks that fit your personal style. Whether that’s chrome for a contemporary feel, brass for a mid-century vibe or antique glass for some period-perfect nostalgia, you are sure to find something you love.

Bottom Line: Don’t Be Intimidated by “DIY”!

Those three little letters don’t have to spell out a messy, complicated project that takes weeks—or, eek, months—to tackle. All six of these home improvement projects are simple, budget-friendly ways to give your house an updated look that is 100 percent Y-O-U.

If you have any suggestions about updating your home that you’d like to add, please do so in the comments below. We also invite you to take a look at the links below to more fantastic articles about all things design for your home or business.

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