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6 Favorite Choices of 2019 Interior Color Trends

Top Choices for 2019 Color Trends

Color trends come and go while a well-coordinated interior color scheme stands the test of time. But, if you love interior design, you’re always on the lookout for new trends in fantastic colors. So, to find out what’s hot for 2019, let’s take a look at some color predictions made for the coming year by some of the top paint companies.

Top Choices for 2019 Color Trends

Sherwin-Williams • Cavern Clay

An earthy hue with boldness, this elemental color is sure to add the feeling of a wind-swept desert or an evening at the beach to your interior. Add other earth elements such as tiles, stones, and pops of green plants to bring out a big warm welcome in your home.

Color Trends Cavern Clay Sherwin Williams

Image Source

Benjamin-Moore • Metropolitan

Neutral and understated, this elegant color exudes with sophistication and balance. As a highly adaptable color, it also finishes with a soft matte or a beautiful sheen that shimmers.

Color Trends Benjamin Moore Metropolitan AF 690

Image Source

Valspar • Crisp Illuminated Violet

Taken from virtual reality, this is one of 12 colors of the year in the Valspar 2019 collection. This illuminated color is almost vibrant enough to be neon yet soft enough for a clean, modern style in your home.

Color Trends Vlaspar Clean Crisp Violet

Image Source

Behr • Blueprint

The Behr Blueprint color is a true blue with no hint of green or aqua which is a change from the trends of recent years. Simplicity makes this a good choice for an introduction to your interior without a lot of re-decorating or other color changes.

Color Trends Behr Blueprint Color of the Year 2019

Image Source

Dutch Boy • Garden Patch

Soft grassy green with a touch of happiness gives this top rating as a 2019 color of the year from Dutch Boy paints. Moreover, this color will bring out the positivity in your interior design with its inherent comfort level.

Color Trends Garden Patch Dutch Boy

Image Source

Ace Hardware • Clark + Kensington • Pineapple Cream Granita

This exciting shade of yellow is light and airy but that’s not all that makes this color special. It is the first color to ever be mixed, created and named solely by an Ace customer during the Color of the Year contest!

Color Trends Pineapple Cream Granita Clark + Kensington 2019 Color of the Year

Image Source

These selections are only the beginning of the new 2019 color of the year trends. So, if you don’t find something here that sparks your interest, keep searching for the right new shade of paint. Also, I recommend that you subscribe for upcoming posts so you are the first to learn about the trending colors of 2019.

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