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3 Display Designs for Collections with Style

3 Display Designs for Collections with Style

Why do we have collections? The nostalgia, the challenge, or the pure delight of owning something that makes you feel passionate are a few of the reasons why. It might be a dish pattern, a vintage dress style, or memorabilia from an era that just won’t let go once it has us in its trance.

“Beautiful objects, however imperfect or humble, make spaces more human and rich.”
—Jonathan Rachman

One thing you will soon realize when you begin to collect is that you need a place to display your treasures. What good are collections if they’re hidden away? So then, the question becomes about how to display them. However, there are as many ways to display collections as there are different types of collections. So, to begin, here are three different styles of displays.

3 Distinctive Styles of Displays

First, here are a few basic design tips to keep in mind when displaying collections.

  1. Group like colors together.
  2. Use space as a design element.
  3. Cluster, layer, balance, and contrast.

Contemporary Design for Versatility

Lighted curio cabinets are a good way to start. Contemporary oak with white gloss and thick glass shelves is a good choice because this unit has 10mm tempered safety glass which makes it sturdy enough to display your collections for many years. I look at this and imagine a collection of vintage shiny chrome toasters or hand-blown artistic glass balls on lucite stands for a floating effect.

Collections Contemporary Glass Shelves White Sides

Image Source

Industrial Ephemera on a White Brick Wall

Brick painted white becomes the backdrop for this incredible hanger collection. This is a great example of ordinary objects coming together to create an amazing collection. This was curated by a machinist who was naturally drawn to industrial ephemera. Lucky for us because we get to enjoy this amazing display technique.

Collections Different Styles of Hangers Contemporary Design on White Brick Wall

Image Source

Modern Accent Lighting over Built-in Shelves

Built-in shelves grace this lovely dining room. What’s really nice are the accent lights that shine down to spotlight the striking white shells against the gainsboro color on the shelves and walls. This is a great display case for people who love their collections to be front and center and on display for all their family and guests.

Collections Built In Shelves with Lighting for Sea Shell Collection and Large Corals

Image Source

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