Tips to Save Money on Heating Bills
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Heating Bills, How to Lower Your Costs

Everybody dreads opening up their heating bills and seeing those high numbers. When the temperatures drop, it's very easy to turn the heat up to warm yourself and your home. However, when your bill arrives, you'll probably wish that you had…
Winter Time Maintenance List

Winter Time Maintenance Must-do List

Not keeping up with winter time maintenance can cause damage to your home and have you spending a lot of money in the future unnecessarily. Don’t let it happen to you. Do these maintenance tasks this winter to keep your home shipshape. Winter…
Winter Home Improvements
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Winter Home Improvements: 5 Easy Tips

Winter home improvements aren’t always the first thing you think about doing during the cold winter season, but they should be. Whether you’re a new homeowner with a list of jobs to get through, currently undergoing a renovation, or wanting…
Tips on Winter Garden Maintenance
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Winter Garden Maintenance; 3 Must Have Apps!

Winter is coming with all its comfort and coziness of home and yet, it brings a great challenge with it when it comes to winter garden maintenance. The moment blizzards and snowflakes touch our garden, the beauty of summer comes to a halt.…
Garden Growing Success Starts From The Ground Up
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Garden Growing Success – 5 Tips To Succeed

Is your garden not living up to its potential? There's so much more to gardening than just planting and watering, and even experienced gardeners are constantly fine-tuning their green thumbs. If you're new to gardening, these tips will get…
Modern Trends in Fireplace Design
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Energize the Spirit of Your Home, With Modern Gas Fireplaces

MODERN GAS FIREPLACES The modern fireplaces along with the stylized fire enclosed by shiny metal and colored glass are very much different from the conventional brick fireplaces of the past. The design of modern fireplaces is pushing…
Christmas window sill decor with starfish rosemary christmas tree and ornaments
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Tips on Decorating Window Sills For the Holidays

Looking at all the pretty holiday pictures of beautifully decorated mantels made me a little jealous of my friends who live up north. Living in Florida, not too many of us have fireplaces where we can hang our Christmas stockings, so I like…
Tree with DIY family Christmas ornaments, heart pillow christmas decor with family member's names

How To Turn A Hectic Holiday Into A Party

Christmas use to be my favorite holiday! As a little girl I loved seeing the neighborhood light up with lights and carolers going door to door singing Christmas carols, it was a magical time. I ask myself, why as an adult, does it seem so stressful?…
Everyday To Holiday Décor
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“Everyday To Holiday Décor” Without Breaking The Bank

Getting ready for the holidays does not mean you have to spend a pot of gold to make your home look festive. For example, the CH Living designers took this living room from everyday to holiday in just a few easy steps. Here are their budget-friendly…
Tips For Keeping Your Home Comfortable in Winter

Tips For Keeping Your Home Comfortable in Winter

Although August has just begun and temperatures won't start to cool off for another few months, especially here in the south. Still, I think this is an important topic to bring up now with plenty of time ahead. Winter presents a variety of…

Clean Drink Happy Hour | Staying Warm with Hot Buttered Rum, Turkey – Chicken Chili, & Clean Cornbread

In this episode of Clean Drink Happy Hour Patricia will be preparing a Turkey & Chicken Chili with a Clean Cornbread. To stay warm, Stephanie will be mixing a Hot Buttered Rum with a Tropical Twist. Check out our video and recipe below. Turkey…
Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays!

All of us here at Patricia Davis Brown Designs would like to wish you and yours the very best this holiday season! We're looking forward to bringing you more great ideas and design inspiration in 2013!