Legrand & Hubbardton Forge Collaboration
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Legrand & Hubbardton Forge Collaboration for Seamless Design

I am an Interior Designer who knows the importance of proper lighting. I want to make sure all of my designs are viewed in the best light. I have studied lighting design for many years and I am always searching for companies that develop the…
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Tips To Design Inside & Under Cabinet Lighting From Patricia Davis Brown

In this episode of Design Tips From a Pro, Interior designer and lighting expert, Patricia Davis Brown shows you the best way to use lighting for the interior and underside of a wall cabinet. Patricia goes over the placement and current LED…
Lighting Every Room In Your Home Beautifully

Lighting Every Room In Your Home Beautifully

Every family wants to have lighting in their home that is attractive, but choosing lighting can be difficult if you're not sure what to be calculating and planning for. Fixtures often do not match the furniture in the room, and the lights can…
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Breathtaking Holiday Lights

Here's a collection of breathtaking holiday lights. Light is an amazing design tool and there's no time like the holidays to make it sparkle.
How to calculate a true layered lighting plan for your kitchen

What Is A True Lighting Design Plan & New LED Technology

  There are three very important aspects to correctly lighting a room that will determine how the light will hit the space. Choosing the lamp specificationsPlacement of the fixture in the room on the ceilingThe color temperature…