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What Bonsai Can Teach Us About Arranging a Gallery Wall

What do Bonsai and gallery walls have in common? Not much aside from their care taker’s thoughtful arrangement of forms to create something that pleases the eye. Bonsai is an ancient Japanese art form of pruning miniature trees in containers. You could say creating gallery walls is an art form of its own. Although completely […]

Stickwork Garden Sculptures, By Artist Patrick Dougherty on Exhibit at McKee Botanical Garden

During the Spring of 2016, residents and visitors of the Treasure Coast can view the work of artist Patrick Dougherty at Mckee Botanical Garden. Dougherty’s medium of choice are living saplings. Using primitive building techniques, he bends them to his will to create organic forms that viewers can interact with by experiencing from all angles. He […]

How to Paint Laminate Furniture: Ace Hardware 31 Days of Color

This DIY post is sponsored by Ace Hardware.   Refreshing the look of your furniture with paint is one of the easier and less expensive routes to go with a DIY project. While there is still prep work to do on any paint job, painting over laminate has a few unique considerations. This DIY tutorial […]

KeySmart Review: Compact Multiuse Key Organizer and Storage

Today I’m reviewing a handy and compact key organizer tool that keeps your collection of keys neatly held together in one place. KeySmart has sent Dig This Design their base product to review; all opinions are my own. Personally, I don’t like carrying anything extra or unnecessary on me. I guess I could fit under […]


Water Conservation: 6 Biggest Water Users At Home And How To Conserve More

Is water consumption something that comes to mind when it comes to your household’s daily functions? Whether you “believe” in climate change or not, it’s still a good idea to be mindful of your impact on the planet regarding the resources you use. Water is an essential element for all life on planet Earth and I […]


Designing a Personal Zen Space Inside or Outdoors

I’m sure you’ve noticed how everything begins to snowball and feel incredibly worse when you’re stressed? No matter where the stress is coming from, the manifestations of it will get to you until they feel like they’re swallowing you whole. Everyone can benefit from a space to themselves to decompress and meditate. A zen space doesn’t have […]

6 Artists Captivated By Beauty At Scope of Art Miami

Even with the overwhelming amount of art displayed around the city during Miami Art Week, the main shows can still demonstrate several unifying themes in art. Perhaps this is just a simple reflection of the broad themes inspiring contemporary (and modernist era) artists around the world. After collecting heaps of photos from several of Miami’s […]

Highlights from Miami Art Week

This year, Scope of Art Miami and the satellite art fairs had another successful year of exhibiting a huge amount of work. With the current violent state of the world, I’m glad these art events, with their large crowds, didn’t end in another bombing tragedy. Unfortunately, there was one victim who was stabbed at Art Basel. […]

Art Competition In Northwood Village – Canvas Local Showdown

Earlier this month, seven local artists got together with Arthouse 429 gallery to create murals for an art competition on West Palm Beach.

Mixing Old and New Furniture Styles

Living With Modern & Antique Furniture There are many ways to make modern and classic or antique furniture live harmoniously in one space. We’re gathering beautiful examples of rooms that have pulled off this look. Within this small collection, take notice of some of the details that make these schemes work. Ask yourself what you […]

Making Color Harmonies With Pumpkin

Color theory is a fascinating topic in design. Color harmonies are only meant to be guidelines when planning for the visual effect of different color combinations. For some, it’s very easy to visualize those color combos and how well they will play together in the room’s furniture and decor, but for others having a tough […]

Innovative Design Startups Disrupting Boundaries

Successful startup culture encourages out of the box thinking and resourcefulness, paving the way for innovation in the digital age. I’d like to introduce you to three innovative design startups who are creating viable solutions for everyday life. Greycork Greycork – Upgrade Your Living Room from Greycork on Vimeo. Greycork’s initiatives are simple, but they’re giving […]