The Fashion Statement that is You

Fashion statements come and go just about as fast as Lindsay Lohan’s stints in rehab.  So, for a style that lasts, don’t look at the decadent mannequins plastering the picture windows of the mall.  The best place to turn for fashion advice is inward.

A true fashion statement is one that reflects you as an individual.  For 2012, find your design inspiration in a little soul searching and portray the fashion statement that is YOU.

Showcase Your Individuality

The newest type of style to trend is the one that you create- individuality! Show off your creativity in creating a personal style. I believe a personal style, and a personal sense of style, is so much more important than following trends. I fully believe the key to feeling confident and not feeling out of place in your enhanced personal look makes you stylish….always! Embrace yourself then express yourself. That type of confidence can be contagious!

Stacey Jordan, Wardrobe/Fashion Stylist, Divine Styling International

Shop for your Body Type

For women to be on trend for the new year my best advice is to pick a look or two that suits your body type and lifestyle and then go with it. Adopting a full on look is not necessary though, and is often the easiest way to become a “fashion victim,” so remember that a little can go a long way. For 2012, some of my favorite trends are pastels, the peplum skirt and shirt, and the inclusion of bold geometric prints on a piece here and there for a pop. This is the perfect way to look casually chic.

Below is the Leslie Tunic from Lark & Hazel featuring a geometric print done in multi pastels.


Lindsay Weiner, Certified Image Consultant & Personal Stylist, Style Me ASAP

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