Colorful Artwork for Your Home with Spring Inspiration

Artwork is a great way to add a splash of color to stark, bare walls. There are many types available for many different tastes. A great way to choose artwork for your home or office is to search by color. By focusing on the accent color of your room, you can narrow down your search while tying together your decor.

Take a look at the following, more contemporary pieces we searched according to their color.  To view the artwork in a larger frame, just click on the photo!


This design has a more industrial feel as we view a landscape out of a dated window.  The blue hues bring out a mystical element that reminds us of a Spring night, just after a rain.


Spring green is a bright and new shade, so we chose this abstract piece that is both bold and bright.


Colorful buildings can transport us to a far away tropical paradise.  Bright yellows, pinks and flowers in bloom will beautify your home or office for Spring!


The distressed paint and contrasting colors in this piece of art add a shabby chic feel, bringing out some dramatic red that speaks to feelings of Spring Fever, maybe even rekindled love.

How did you improve your design using artwork for your home?


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