Trash to Treasure Refurbishing Vintage Furniture

You’ve heard the saying… one person’s trash is another person’s treasure?  That is often the case with dated, vintage furniture that looks weathered and worn.  It takes the right eye to spot an item that gives off design inspiration for an antique that has possibility.  Former home stager Joanie Jacobson, shares her experience when refurbishing vintage furniture to create unique and interesting spaces for the home.

Working with my sister as a home stager, much of our inventory was purchased at garage sales, thrift stores and believe it or not dumpsters and curbside trash. We were always on the lookout for older pieces that we could restore by either striping, painting or adding new upholstery. Three of the pieces I kept for myself and created a small reading nook in my home.

The chair was found in a dumpster down the street from my house and a local upholsterer gave it new life.

The table I purchased for $5 at a garage sale. I stripped the top and painted the bottom half along with polishing the hardware.

The lamp was also purchased at a community tag sale for $3 and I believed a rectangle shade would work well therefore I purchased one at a nearby home improvement store. The result is my little sanctuary where my husband is proud to display his plants in a lively, well lit and homey space!

Accessorizing using vintage fabrics for pillows or upholstery is a great way to give depth and interest to refurbished, vintage furniture.



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