Inspire Your Interior Decorating

One of the most irritating things about interior decorating is the planning stage. You often have so many ideas that you don’t know which ones to discard, and which you should give a try. And then there’s that moment when you finally have time to sit down and plan out your new living room, and all of your ideas leave your head.

Frustrating, right? Bear in mind that you shouldn’t give up the moment this happens. Your foxy game of bingo can wait half an hour while you inspire your brain to remember. There are a lot of ways for you to do so, but listed below are some which often prove the most effective when interior decorating.

Dream Home

Think about what you would like. You’ve probably day dreamed about your dream home in the past. Not necessarily the living in a dream mansion one though. We all have interior decoration ideas. What colours and furniture we would ideally have. Start there.

Read Magazines

Read interior decorating magazines. Or rather look through them to see what designs and colours you like. You can cut out the ones you like, and arrange them so you can see how certain aspects would look together in theory.

Look Around You

Pay attention to the décor in public places and in your friends homes. What do you like about it, and what do you not? You can draw inspiration from other people’s interior decorating and change it to suit your own ideas.

Interior Decorating Software

There are programs out there which allow you to see what your interior decorating ideas will look like before you implement them properly. You can change a room around, try out colours etc on your computer, without having to paint a patch on your wall.

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