Greening Your Kitchen with Pinterest

Here are some chic and convenient ways to green your kitchen that we found on Pinterest.  Take your love of the environment to the next level by including one or more of these eco friendly strategies in your home to reduce your carbon footprint.

Reusable “Paper” Towel

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Replace your paper towels with this eco friendly fabric roll. Both cute and convenient, this project promotes your love for the environment.

Recycle Center

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Every green kitchen is in need of its own recycle center. This is a great container for separating glass, paper and plastic. It’s efficient, modern, and easy on the eyes.

Indoor Garden

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Bring a bit of the environment indoors! Whether planting herbs to cook with or going all out with a number of plants, it is a beautiful way to add a green element to your kitchen.

Eco Friendly Sage Kitchen Cleaner

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Stop using those harsh chemicals on your kitchen surfaces and try a home-made version that is eco friendly. This recipe from is a perfect blend:


Warm Water
White Vinegar
Isopropyl Alcohol
Dish Soap (a drop)
Sage (or any essential oil or herb)

You can view the full tutorial at  What have you done in your kitchen to make it eco friendly?

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