Decorating with Your Shoes

hoes! For some of us, the sight of a sleek new pair of heels in just the right shade for this season can make our hearts skip a beat!

If that sounds like you – why are you hiding those beautiful works of art in a box on a shelf in your closet? Get them out and display them proudly – right on your wall!

We found these examples of the new trend that puts crown moulding to work as a shoe rack!

Crown Moulding Shoe Racks

As you can see in this example from StyleList Home, the concept for storing and displaying your shoes using crown moulding is simple. The flat top on the moulding, designed for it’s normal position up against the ceiling, is a perfect resting place for the heels. While, the cascading angle of the piece drops perfectly to accomodate the arch.


We found this example on a blog dedicated to renters in NY – where everyone can use some more space! Note how perfectly spaced out each row is, and how they used the moulding around the door as a guide. Each rail of moulding butts right up to the door casing and the top row sits just below the top of the door.


We spotted this colorful version on Beth’s HomeStoriesAtoZ blog. The color pops right off of the wall – and since the creator used a distressed technique, the scuffs, scratches and smudges of dirt off of the heels are less likely to show.

This example, from SongofStyle, is just plain pretty! The ornate crown moulding is painted white – and hung on a soft, yet busy wallpaper backdrop. The wallpaper can help tie together the look, and again, hide signs of wear and tear over the years.

Hanging a Crown Moulding Shoe Rack

Getting this look in your home is simple!

First, start by selecting a crown moulding with a flat back and top, like this selection from our own PDB Homestore. It’s just $6.52 for an 8 foot long piece:

(Shop this moulding)

We like this piece because of the intricate face. Even in spots where shoes aren’t hanging, the moulding itself will be an interesting design element.

Next, choose a paint color for the moulding and for the wall behind it. Get the wall ready first, and paint the moulding before securing it to the wall.

Then, cut the moulding to length, find the studs in your wall, and nail it in. Shoes are fairly lightweight, so there’s little chance that the racks will fall – especially if you secure the nail or screw into a stud.

Touch up with paint to cover the nail holes.

Hang your shoes on your new crown moulding shoe rack and stand back to admire your work and your beautiful shoes!

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