Bathroom Getaways – 5 Most Luxurious Bath Tubs

Bathtubs come in many different shapes and sizes and are crafted out of a number of luxury materials.  These are a few of our favorite tubs designed to pamper you in style.

Copper Bath Tub

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Soak deep into the water in this stand-alone copper bath tub.  With a rustic feel, this tub will sweep you away to your favorite cottage retreat.

Wooden Bath Tub

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The feel of this smooth wood surface as you glide into the warm water will whisk you right into your favorite spa getaway.

 Bronze Bath Tub

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With sleek, clean lines this modern bath tub is a perfect place to relax into the evening with your favorite glass of red wine.

Glass Bath Tub

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Granted, this glass bath tub sits best atop a perfectly clear blue sea.  Get away to this tropical island and treat yourself to a tub with the perfect sea-blue view.

Soaking Tub

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Submerge yourself into a deep soaking tub complete with a water feature for a warm and relaxing escape.

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