Your wedding is one of the most exciting days of your life. It’s an opportunity to show the world your love and commitment to someone else. It’s a sign to the world of how you’re ready to dedicate your life to someone, and how they’re doing the same for you. But it’s also one of the most personal things that you’ll ever do. Your wedding is something that you’ll want to be unique and to represent who you and your partner are, not to mention the connection that the two of you share. The last thing you want is a wedding that’s just like everyone else’s! With that in mind, here are things you might consider when doing your wedding planning to take it outside the box.

4 Unique Wedding Planning Ideas

Customize Your Rings

What could be a more personal, unique symbol of your love for someone else and their love for you than the rings? So you definitely don’t want a ring that just anyone could have around their finger. You want rings that only you and your partner could have. There are plenty of online jewelry stores that allow you to design your very own rings during the wedding planning phase. Everything from the style, size, stone, and setting are completely up to you, allowing you and your partner to have rings that say something genuine about the bond that you both share.


Invitations are one of the most common ways that people create something unique for their wedding. The best thing about designing and making your own invitations is that there are thousands of different ways you can do it! Whether you want a shabby chic, bohemian style or something more elegant and refined, there are styles and techniques that cover just about everything you could ever want from an invitation. Plus it makes something totally individual that your guests will even want to keep as a memento of the event.

Table Settings 

Wedding Table Settings
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The great thing about your wedding is that there are no rules for how it should look. Do you want it to have a twenties style? Perfect! Want a Star Wars themed wedding? Go for it! That means that you can have total control over the way that you decorate the venue. The central aspect of your venue will often be the table settings. One quick tip: you should always think about how your table settings are going to fit with the venue that you’re getting married it.


Wedding Flowers
Image Courtesy of Canva.

The flowers can be the perfect thing to bring that extra bit of detail and magic to your wedding venue. And, once again, the only limit is your own personal taste. Speak to a florist so that they can help you find the perfect combination of flowers that will work best for the rest of your wedding decor.

How much of your wedding you choose to do yourself is entirely up to you. Some people prefer to have it all taken care of for them and others want it to be a completely DIY affair. Whatever you choose, remember: it’s your wedding, do it your way!

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