Let Rachio Smart Sprinkler System Do the Work While You Enjoy Your Life! (1)

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In today’s times, everybody is looking for smart home technology that works. Good smart home technology simplifies your life and watering your lawn has never been easier than with the Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller. Today, I am writing a review of my experience with this smart sprinkler controller from installation to use. I can’t wait to show you how this smart technology helped fix dead grass in my yard by eliminating the guesswork!

3 Reason Rachio is the Best in Smart Sprinkler Technologies

The Rachio smart sprinkler system works!

Rachio 3 

Control from Anywhere

Smart home technologies should allow you to control a task from anywhere so you can continue on doing the things you want to do without being bogged down with a tedious task like watering your lawn. Well, now you can with this nifty smart sprinkler controller by Rachio. When I first told my husband to install the Rachio, I got an eye roll. Now, my husband is like a kid with a new toy race car, showing his friends and bragging about his smart sprinkler controller.

Let Rachio Smart Sprinkler System Do the Work While You Enjoy Your Life! (1)

Rachio technologies include:

  • Smart Sprinkler Control
  • Wireless Leak Protection
  • Powerful Easy to Use App

What does all of this do for you, you ask? Run your sprinkler system from anywhere using your smartphone app giving you the convenience of an uninterrupted life while performing the task of watering your lawn. Rachio’s smart sprinkler controller guides you through setting up a custom watering schedule to keep your yard healthy, no more guesswork. This smart watering system will assist you by recommending days and times for watering based on your specific location, vegetation and soil type.

No more having to check the weather reports because Rachio weather intelligence automatically adjusts your watering schedule to reflect hyperlocal weather forecasts and skip watering based on rain, wind, and freezing temperatures.

Rachio has the ability through an added flow meter to monitor in real-time leaks, clogs or malfunctioning equipment which will protect your property from damage. Let’s face it, it knows your lawn and trains it to be healthier and requires less water saving you time and money!

DIY Installation in 30 Minutes

The Rachio's the smart sprinkler system, Installation is as Easy as 1-2-3 (1)

The great thing about this smart machine is it’s easy to install. My husband was pleasantly surprised at how easy the instructions were to follow. The company gave a step by step list of instructions which made it a breeze. This DIY installation amounted to downloading the app to his smartphone, connecting the unit to the home wifi, and mounting the box. The actual wiring took no tools as they were clip-on connectors. Once it was installed it immediately started messaging feedback.

Highest Rated Smart Sprinkler Controller

There is a reason the Rachio smart sprinkler controller is the highest-rated smart system on the market, it works! It provides the simplest and best user experience when connected to the internet. It can be controlled by both Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, so you don’t have to pull out your phone to control your sprinklers; just ask your voice assistant to do it for you. Best of all it does make your life easier and your yard better with less wasted water and time and it’s affordable. New Pricing: $229.99 / $279.99, sold exclusively on https://www.rachio.com/

Rachio smart sprinkler system is the highest rated.

I always tell my clients that there are a lot of smart technologies out there on the market but the only ones you want are the ones that actually are smart and improve the quality of your lifestyle like the Rachio! The Rachio is a Smarter way to water your lawn.

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