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Livening Up Your Home with Pictures & Décor

Livening Up Your Home with Pictures & Décor

There are so many different types of pictures and decor items to arrange on your walls. In fact, your walls are prime decorating space!
How to Add an Artisanal Look to Your Home or Office

4 Steps to an Artisanal Look in Your Home or Office

If you want to add an artisanal look to your home or office, you are in the right place. First, how you design your interior reflects your taste to all those around you. By allowing yourself to design an interior for the authentic, artisanal…
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KLEER Moldings – Putting the Finishing Touches on Design

Kleer Mouldings Make a Difference I am one of those designers who loves designing moldings. To me, they are the finishing touches to any room or cabinetry design. While many designers get into fabrics and furniture selection, I like to set…