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The Practical and Aesthetic Value of Baseboard Skirting

How Important are Skirting Boards

The history of baseboard skirting is as lovely as the design itself. But, before we go into the ins and outs of baseboard skirting, raise your hand if the sight of beautiful interior design makes you swoon. Raise your hand, too, if a unique…
Architectural Design Styles

4 Inspiring Architectural Design Styles for your Dream Home

There are architectural design styles of houses in the United States. With people immigrating from many different cultural backgrounds, a variety of architectural design styles have left their mark on American home architecture. So, naturally,…

ROHL Jorger at The Kitchen and Bath Show

Welcome to the Rohl Jorger Collection! Their luxurious faucets have an Old World and Victorian style but with all the modern features of a high-end faucet.