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Tips on upcycling decor you already have in your home

Tips On Upcycling Décor You Already Have in Your Home

Creating a beautiful home with décor isn’t about spending money on expensive items, it’s about creativity and confidence in your own design ability. Anyone can go to a store and buy the typical accessories, but being able to create something…
Easy DIY Decor - Re-purpose Your T-Shirts

Easy DIY Decor – Re-purpose Your T-Shirts Into a Decorative Pillows

Dig This Design loves to upcycle! We love our T-shirts. We wear them over and over for years until they are well worn. But then what can we do with them? There are all sorts of projects that can give beloved 100% polyester T-shirts a new life.…
4 Upcycling Ideas

4 Upcycling Ideas

Upcycling is becoming very popular. It’s when you take an old item and give it new life. We found 5 upcycle projects we thought were just great!  Take a look at them and look around your house, we are sure there is something you and upcycle! 1.…