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How to Choose Between Underfloor Heating or Radiators

Underfloor Heating or Radiators? What You Need to Know.

When is the last time you had to make a decision between underfloor heating or radiators? If you are in the middle of a purchase of a new home and need to decide on the heating system or if you want to upgrade your current system, this is…
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7 Tips for a Cozier Home This Winter

If you want to be warmer and cozier than ever this winter, there are some pretty simple changes you can make to your home to ensure your properties snugness for the approaching winter season. The following are some changes you can make…
About Heated Floor Systems

Heated Floor Systems – What You Need To Know

There are many ways to heat a modern home. If you like the idea of walking around barefoot, you should definitely take a look at heated floor systems. Northern winters can be brutal. Luckily, most homes are well insulated and capable of withstanding…