Dealing with Mold on Tile and Grout - scrubbing a green tile counter in yellow gloves and red sponge.

Dealing with Mold on Tile and Grout

Do you get mold on your tile and grout? If so, continue reading to learn what you must do about this common household maintenance issue.
Modern Design in your Bathroom
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3 Ways to Create a Modern Design in your Bathroom

Are you thinking about creating a more modern design in your bathroom with some of the current trends?  If so, there is a wide selection of modern options from minimal to bold design from which you can make great choices. A bathroom remodel…
Designing Your Kitchen with Limestone

How to Select the Perfect Kitchen Floor Limestone Tile

Limestone kitchen floor: For kitchen flooring, limestone is a popular choice for many homeowners. Limestone can stand up to spills and dropped utensils and the heavy traffic seen in most kitchens. Also, limestone is attractive. This material…
coverings 2015

Coverings 2015 Brought Us a Kaleidoscope of COLOR

As an Interior Designer, I am ALL about finishes that stimulate emotion. Colors have such an impact on the brain. Many Scientists believe that the color of a room has a great impact on health and behavior than previously thought. Photobiology…
Neutral Bathroom Designs Making Big Statements
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Neutral Bathroom Designs Making Big Statements

Because this room of the home can be a restorative haven for pampering and rejuvenation,  we want to bring you ways to update your bathroom.  Chicago Interior Designer & TV Design Consultant, Erica Lugbill, has shared a few of her recent…
Bathroom Design Trends for Spring 2015
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Bathroom Design Trends for Spring 2015

If you are thinking about making a major update to your bathroom this year, you've chosen a good time to do it. There are a lot of exciting and beautiful trends that are hitting the design world nowadays, and you're sure to be pretty excited…


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