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5 Cool Perks of Having a Swimming Pool

A Splash of Water: 5 Cool Perks of Having a Swimming Pool

Who doesn't love a quick dip in a swimming pool on a hot day? Kids get to play, adults get to exercise or relax on the deck. It's also a great way to organize parties and entertain your family and friends. If this interests you, continue…
Pros & Cons for a Natural Swimming Pool
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A Natural Swimming Pool, the Pros and Cons

A lot of people are unaware that there even is an option for an all-natural swimming pool. To me, just the word natural sounds better than a chemical pool. I think anyone given a choice to have an all-natural product versus one using chemicals…
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Stunning Pool Designs for Your Backyard

Lee and I Love having a pool in the backyard. It's a fun way to get physical activity during the day and to enjoy time in the sun with family and friends. When shopping for pool care items, my go-to is, www.1stdirectools.com. If you want some…
Tips for Shopping for a Swimming Pool

Tips for When You’re Shopping for a Swimming Pool

Summer’s coming! And when we get to this time of year, it’s really common for people to start considering installing a swimming pool of their very own into their backyards. Owning your own swimming pool is a fantastic investment that not…
How to Design the Perfect Swimming Pool

Tips On Designing A Perfect Pool Room

Who doesn't want the perfect swimming pool at home? It's somewhere to play with the kids, have pool parties with friends and adds enjoyment to life.