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Happy St. Patrick's Day

Irish Soda Bread Recipe for Your St. Patrick’s Day

Supposedly, I am part Irish which I don't doubt that since I love Irish food and music. I haven't done one of those DNA test kits yet to prove it, but I am pretty sure there is some Irish blood in my veins. St. Patrick's day is one…

Deviled Egg Recipe For St. Patrick’s Day

In the spirit of St. Patrick's Day I'd like to share my avocado drizzled, deviled egg recipe. I love this Paleo recipe because it's easy to make, requires simple ingredients, and it's always a hit at my get-togethers.     Ingredients  12…
Baileys Irish cream chocolate martini with mint leaves.

St. Patty’s Day Cocktails For All Palates

St. Patty's Day Cocktails to Fit Anyone's Fancy! Those of you that know me know I am always up for a party and Saint Patrick's Day is just one of those holidays that can be celebrated by ALL! It's important to me to make sure everyone has…