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4 Tips for a Skin Detox

4 Tips for a Skin Detox

Skin is the body’s largest organ, and what it has to deal with daily sometimes takes a toll. However, here are some excellent tips to help your skin detox.
SeaQuarius Collection for Beautiful Skin

SeaQuarius Collection

Check it out! There is a new facial care line. Beautiful skin is no accident. It is the result of achieving and maintaining healthy skin. Here's how SeaQuarious does it for your skin. Key vitamin and mineral nutrients sourced from land &…
Luscious Red Lips for Valentine's Day

Luscious Red Lips for Valentine’s Day

Luscious Red Lips! It's a favorite here at DigThisDesign - and Valentine's Day gives us an excuse to indulge in our love for this bold, daring, edgy color.