The skin is your body’s largest organ, and the number of influences it has to deal with daily sometimes takes a toll. It is one thing to think about the internal factors that influence the health of our skin. Those factors might include getting takeout for the third night in a row, or having that extra shot in a strawberry daiquiri. However, it is also important to think about the external factors that contribute to the state of our skin. In fact, it’s very important to consider a skin detox.

Because our skin is in contact with substances all day every day, it is fair to say it gets little rest. But, there are ways to help minimize damage to our skin from our daily lifestyles. Moreover, these tips particularly useful after a naughty weekend of skin-upsetting treats. 

If this sound interesting, you are invited to continue reading to learn some excellent tips to help your skin detox.  

Consider Our Skin Detox Tips Today for Healthier, Beautiful Skin

Try a Body Brushing Treatment

4 Tips for a Skin Detox - Try a Body Brushing Treatment

The body brush treatment has been around for quite a time, dating back to the ancient Egyptians, Indians, Greeks, and Romans, so, it has appeared to have stood the test of time. But what does body brushing do for our skin? 

Body brushing stimulates circulation, encourages drainage from the lymphatic system that smooths out the skin’s surface and is said to help energize the body.

Minimal Products with Simple Ingredients

4 Tips for a Skin Detox - Minimal Products with Simple Ingredients

With the number of products on the market now, it can be quite the minefield to understand which one is going to be best for your skin, or alternatively, which one is making your skin play up. If you use a significant amount of products on your face with all the different promises of doing something amazing to your skin, it is quite possible that either one of them does not suit your skin, or that they could be interacting negatively together.

Pare back to extremely simple ingredients when it comes to taking care of the face and choose something gentle but rich in nutrients, such as goat milk soap. The goat milk soap benefits that come top of the list are that it’s an uncomplicated and nourishing cleanser, which can help give your skin everything it needs in just one step.

Increase Your Water Intake

4 Tips for a Skin Detox - Increase Your Water Intake

Water is absolutely essential to our whole body. How well it is able to function and hydration levels have a direct correlation. This is very much the same for skin too, as skin that is dehydrated can experience many issues that can be uncomfortable, such as excessive dryness, or it can also show up in our appearance, such as dark circles under the eyes and fine lines.

Increasing your water intake is a simple yet extremely effective way to help your body’s detoxifying process, which can help your skin become healthier from the inside-out.

Eat Healthy! Cut Back on Sugar & Dairy

4 Tips for a Skin Detox - Eat Healthy! Cut Back on Sugar & Dairy

Sugar and dairy are two very likely culprits when it comes to skin issues. Dairy can disrupt our hormones, which when out of whack can cause problems with our skin. Too much sugar can cause inflammation in the body, which can aggravate skin conditions such as acne and eczema. If you are already prone to skin conditions, then cutting back on sugar and dairy could be the detox your skin needs to restore balance.  

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