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How to Measure and What to Do with Pinterest Metrics

Pinterest Metrics • How to Measure and What to Do with Them

Pinterest is best known for eye-catching visuals but here's a look at the Pinterest metrics that are also important to help you succeed.

Making The Most Out Of Your Outdoor Living Space This Summer

Make the Most of Summer The summer months are all too short especially if you live in a cold state. Before you know it, you'll be breaking out the snow shovel and winter gear. The sooner you get your yard into to shape the sooner you can…
Planning Your First Born's Nursery
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Tips On Planning Your First Born’s Nursery

Design starts with inspiration and I always recommend to my clients researching publications such as Houzz or Pinterest to gather ideas of what you like or don't like before you begin. It also helps to create an idea book which is simply a…
Summer 2015 Design & Entertaining Guide

Summer 2015 Design & Entertaining Guide

This summer season is all about bringing the outside in. As a lover of ALL things design, I'd love to share my inspirations for this season. Use the form below to download the guide; hope you enjoy! [gravityform id="16" name="Seasonal…
Easy DIY Decor - Re-purpose Your T-Shirts

Easy DIY Decor – Re-purpose Your T-Shirts Into a Decorative Pillows

Dig This Design loves to upcycle! We love our T-shirts. We wear them over and over for years until they are well worn. But then what can we do with them? There are all sorts of projects that can give beloved 100% polyester T-shirts a new life.…