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How to Prepare Your Home’s Electrical System for Hurricane Season

Failure to prepare for hurricane season endangers your home. Here are six ways to prepare your home's electrical system for hurricane season.
History & Facts About Backup Generators for Your Home

What You Need to Know About Backup Generators for Your Home

Have you ever been caught in the aftermath of a devastating storm? If so, you already know the importance of having backup generators for every home. Preparing in advance makes a difference in your family's comfort after such an event. If…
Keep These Essential Items Ready for Hurricane Season

3 Essential Items You Must Have For Hurricane Season

Hurricane season is unpredictable. Sometimes a storm seems to head one way; then, it suddenly turns and makes its way to your hometown. When this happens, you may not have time to evacuate. Instead, you'll wait it out at home and need to deal…
What To Do Before Hurricane Season Arrives

Hurricane Season; What You Should Do to Protect Your Home

With the recent destruction of Hurricane Irma, which has devastated many areas in Florida, extreme weather has been on all of our minds recently. Even if you don’t live in a place prone to hurricanes, with autumn and winter approaching, there…