Hurricane season is unpredictable. Sometimes a storm seems to head one way; then, it suddenly turns and makes its way to your hometown. When this happens, you may not have time to evacuate. Instead, you’ll wait it out at home and need to deal with the aftermath.Hurricane Season

To avoid the mass rush and stay on top of the weather, prepare early and purchase supplies. In fact, as you’re stocking up consider a few items that add comfort and convenience. Here are three things that you will find useful during hurricane season.

Keep These Essential Items Ready for Hurricane Season

Crank Radios for CommunicationRadio Communication

When the internet and electricity fail, lines of communication are cut off. Having a crank radio on hand keeps you up-to-date on the weather conditions. Keep one in your emergency supply box for just this situation.

Listening to music is also a nice distraction after a storm. Look for a radio that has solar charge panels and the ability to charge devices. This will prove useful should you suffer from days of power outages.

Hurricane Season and a Home GeneratorHurricane Season Home Generator

Homes lose power for many reasons during a storm. Trees go down, transformers blow fuses and neighborhood lines fall. If this happens, you could live several days without electricity, leaving your fridge and air conditioner off.

While an expensive investment, this item offers a chance to remain cool, maintain refrigerated medicine and save some of your food supply. Invest in a reliable product, something quiet and sturdy, such as a Honda Generator. It also comes in handy for tailgating and camping.

Use a Gas Grill Instead of the StoveHurricane Season Grilling Instead of Stove

With the fridge or freezer hooked up to the generator, you may still have a healthy food stock. How do you cook it though? Keep the oven off, and use the grill instead. This allows for some hearty meals without electricity. Keep in mind you’ll need to have some additional supplies to make this possible.

In your home, keep a cast-iron skillet (other pans may not sustain the high heat) or purchase some foil pans from the grocery store. Plain old foil packets work too. You may not have water, so the foil makes for easy cleanup. Just toss it when you’re done. With a bit of oil and seasoning, you could dine on fish and veggies, saving your boxed supplies for another time.

Rest Well in Knowing You’re PreparedHurricane Season Resting Peacefully

Don’t wait for a storm to come your way. Stock up early. While others are scavenging for these items, you will breathe a bit easier knowing you’re prepared. We are very interested to know how you prepare for hurricane season in the comments below and we wish you and your family a safe hurricane season with harm to none.

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