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How Exercising Positively Affects Seniors

Exercise is important for all ages, especially when you get older. This article explains 7 ways exercising can positively affect seniors.
3 Secrets to a Healthy and Happy Lifestyle

3 Secrets to a Healthy and Happy Lifestyle

If you've been feeling a little low lately, continue reading for three secrets to designing your own healthy and happy lifestyle.
Yaheetech Dumbbell Product Review

Yaheetech Dumbbell Product Review

It is fun to try new things and as I was in the market for a set of dumbbells, the brand Yaheetech sent me their 30 kg/66lbs dumbbell set.
Reasons to Try Skiing or Snowboarding

Why You Should Try Skiing or Snowboarding

Few things are more exhilarating than racing down a frozen slope. Here are four reasons to try a winter sport like skiing or snowboarding.
Fitness Pole Dancing

The Exercises You Need to Improve your Strength for Fitness Pole Dancing

Pole dancing is among some of the most intensive workouts available. Not only does it include a full immersion of all your muscles, but it also requires agility, stamina, and strength. This high-intensity workout is done by combining both…
How to Capture Your Inner Creative

Tips to Finding Your Inner Creative

Unleashing that inner creative that is in all of us can be accomplished. Consciously taking steps to find it is up to us to do.