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Transform A Rural Property

3 Ways to Transform A Rural Property

Many homeowners dream of the prospect of being able to transform a rural property. Having a rural property to work with is certainly an exciting prospect, but what are the realities of taking on such a project? Of course, when you have…
How To Adjust To Your New Country Cottage

Life Swap: How To Adjust To Your New Country Cottage

So you’ve upped and moved to the country! How’s it going? You might be slowly adjusting to the new pace of life, the quietness, and having friendly neighbors, but you might also be feeling a little lost. If you’re used to city life or…
5 Important Safety Precautions for Your Small Farm
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A Small Farm Requires Safety Precautions

Many people these days like to build their home on acreage as opposed to just a house lot. This allows them to create small farms where they can have live chickens for farm fresh eggs and grow an organic garden. This can look like a hybrid…