Many people these days like to build their home on acreage as opposed to just a house lot. This allows them to create small farms where they can have live chickens for farm fresh eggs and grow an organic garden. This can look like a hybrid between a regular garden and farm. Along with having your own small farm you will need to have a set of safety precautions to ensure it stays safe for all that live there. Let’s visit a few tips of safety precautions you will want to have if you are considering a small farm.

5 Important Safety Precautions for Your Small Farm

5 Important Safety Precautions for Your Small Farm

Storing Chemicals safely

Make sure chemicals are stored in your farm shed. Because to leave them outside is asking for trouble. Everyone who visits your home should be able to walk away without being harmed by your dangerous chemicals. There are obviously things you’ll need to take into consideration, such as whether or not you’re allowed to keep certain things in the first place. It is a good idea to check with your local department of agriculture regulations to make sure the chemicals you are considering are even allowed in your area.

Clearly Mark with Warning Signs Areas of Danger

If you have dogs that run loose on the property you will need to put up warning signs letting people know to not enter unannounced. Having farm animals and heavy machinery on your land needs to be marked with warning signs indicating possible dangers that may occur due to unexpecting visitors.

Fencing Your Property

To be completely safe you will want to fence your property to protect yourself from someone wondering onto it and getting hurt. By not doing this you could be held responsible for their injuries. You need to do everything in your power to keep predators out, which will require more than a basic wooden fence. It wouldn’t take an animal long to wiggle their way through it, but if the tall fence is wire-woven they won’t stand a chance. Just make sure you bury it deep enough in the ground so predators can’t dig underneath it.

Make Heavy Equipment Unaccessible

Only people who should operate heavy machinery are those with experience and trained on the equipment. Going one step further by keeping everyone without experience completely away from it. If you don’t have a big enough shed to keep everything in then it can still be stored away behind a fence. Nothing has to be switched on for people to get hurt.

CCTV Cameras and Alarms

When people talk about robberies taking place they’re usually referring to homes being broken into. Unfortunately, a farm will quickly become a high target for burglars thanks to the expensive equipment often found there. Even though it’s on your property near your home, a shed with nobody guarding it is easier to break into. You can take away most of the risk by installing CCTV cameras and alarms.

Once you have turned your garden into a quasi-farm you need to have safety on your mind at all times. There are probably thousands of extra things that could go wrong. The topics we’ve touched on today will eliminate most of the issues you could run into but always stay ahead of the curve by implementing new safety features when you spot a potential problem.

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