Winter is coming with all its comfort and coziness of home and yet, it brings a great challenge with it when it comes to winter garden maintenance. The moment blizzards and snowflakes touch our garden, the beauty of summer comes to a halt. In order to preserve the beauty of your garden, it requires a little care and upkeep. OECO Garden Rooms provides some nifty and helpful tips in order to maintain your garden.

Tips on Winter Garden Maintenance

Tips on Winter Garden Maintenance

Preserving your Lawn in Winter

Winter is the ultimate time of the year for any new garden area to be prepared. Cultivate the required area leaving some tuft of soil on the surface which will be broken by rime frost, making it a great base.

For existing gardens, grass cutting is required by one-third. Summer is the time of growth and if the size of grass is kept at medium by feeding it less then it will not become fragile and will outlive winter. Weeds and moss are also required to be kept under control and fallen leaves need to be scraped up regularly for good access to sunlight.

Preservation of Plants

Plants become inactive when temperatures drop, which helps them to not become annihilated by frost. Dead stalks and leaves must be removed in order to prevent any disease from spreading to the rest of the garden. Spread fertilizer around plants to insulate them and the soil so that they will be accustomed to the new climate and this also helps to keep the temperature even.

Equipment maintenance

Garden equipment, which is seldom used during winter must be cleaned and lubricated with WD40 to avoid corrosion before storing. You might want to have your lawnmower maintenance done annually so it will be running perfectly for spring. I recommend making a list of services you need to be performed so nothing is left out. Below is a list of must-dos:

  • Empty fuel tank completely.
  • Check all electrical leads.
  • Drain all hoses to avoid freezing..
  • Sharpen your blades.
  • Service engines.

New Garden Technology

Technology has become an important gadget in every field of life. Integration of technology into gardening has developed into many different apps, which are helping in winter garden maintenance. Here are a few that I think will be helpful for winter garden maintenance:

Organic Gardening Planting Planner

Using a built-in GPS system, this app calculates the optimal growing period for your plants. Determining your exact location, it calculates weather conditions and scheduled frost and tells you the ideal time to plant.

Gardening Reference Guide

This app offers facts on what you need to know about pests, planting times, as well as useful facts about thousands of different trees, shrubs, flowers and other plant species.

Garden Tracker

The Garden Tracker allows you to design and plan your garden from your phone. It also has a feature that allows you to keep track of watering planting and feeding times.

Winter garden maintenance is important in order to have a beautiful garden that provides fresh healthy vegetables and fruits for your family. With a little bit of planning, you will be able to maintain your garden all year long.

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