4 Tips for Keeping Your Home Cool this Summer

4 Tips for Keeping Your Home Cool this Summer

Summer is a few months away but we must be prepared. Here are useful tips about the many ways to keep your home cool this summer.
How to Replace Your Light Fixture with a Ceiling Fan

5 Tips for Replacing a Light Fixture with a Ceiling Fan

Replacing a light fixture with a ceiling fan is a pretty easy DIY job that most homeowners can do in an afternoon. Here are the steps you need to know.
5 Ways to Match Your New Ceiling Fan with Your Home Decor

Functional Aesthetics: 5 Tips for Matching Ceiling Fans with your Home Decor

Matching your ceiling fans with your home decor is a part of the balance of your design. Read on for some great tips about adding ceiling fans.
Inspirations for Unique Ceiling Fan Designs for Your Home

Unique Ceiling Fan Design Ideas That’ll Inspire Your Creativity

All this downtime due to COVID-19 has left us with many home improvement questions. What's our next job? How can I put this time to better use?  There are almost too many options to choose from. So why not start with a simple DIY project…