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4 Easy Tips to Keep Your Flowers Fresh Longer

Forever Fresh: How to Keep Your Flowers Fresh for as Long as Possible

You might be buying them for your home, or you might be shopping around for your wedding day. Regardless, we all want to keep our cut flowers fresh for as long as possible. In fact, this is my goal when I buy flowers. For instance, last…
3 Easy DIY Fresh Bouquets for Spring

3 Easy DIY Fresh Bouquets for Spring

Fresh bouquets of flowers are one of the easiest and most effective ways to brighten up your decor for Spring. You can arrange them yourself or bring them home from your favorite flower stand. Either way, they are a must-have to welcome Spring…
Flower décor using glass vase
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3 – Tips On Flower Décor – Honoring Earth Day

Flower Décor to Brighten a Room  Keep it Simple Flower décor can add life to any room décor simply by arranging a colorful bouquet of roses in your hand. Be sure to create the shape you want and then grasp the stem tightly.…