Women love to experiment with jewelry and change up their looks. They choose to do so as a way of expressing their current mood. The change may occur as a result of a dress code at a function, or simply because a woman changes her outfit. Women wear earrings to complete a look and find several types to choose from. So, what message do you want to convey with your earrings? Following, you will find several choices of earrings from which to choose for your own special look.

How to Convey the Right Message with Your Earrings

Pearl Studs

How to Convey the Right Message with Your Earrings

Women hoping to achieve a classic and timeless look often turn to pearl studs to achieve this goal. The studs give off a feeling of innocence and purity while letting others know the wearer is both refined and classy. The earrings send off a signal that she is friendly and approachable and her manners are impeccable. Ladies should wear these earrings to meet the boyfriend’s family, when interviewing for a job, or when going out on the town for a nice dinner at a fancy restaurant. Head over to adinasjewels.com/collections/earrings and check out the many different styles available, including pearl studs, to find the ones that are right for you.

Chandelier Earrings

Chandelier Earrings

Look to the red carpet at any Hollywood awards ceremony and chandelier earrings take center stage. Women don a pair of these earrings when they are going for a classy, formal look. However, with numerous styles to choose from, women find they can also wear chandelier earrings to dress up a plain outfit when spending an afternoon outside with friends. Women who wear these earrings are very confident and love to show off their fashion sense. However, women need to make certain the outfit they wear with the chandelier earrings is plain so the overall effect of the combination isn’t overwhelming.

Dangling Earrings

These earrings are similar to chandelier earrings but they lack the formality seen with the chandelier versions. Dangling earrings move when the person moves as a sign of sensuality. Wear the earrings with caution, keeping in mind the wrong message could be sent when using them to put the finishing touch on an outfit. For this reason, most women avoid wearing dangling earrings in the workplace.

While dangling earrings do catch a person’s eye, they aren’t overly flamboyant. Women who wear these earrings like that little extra, but they don’t want to draw a great deal of attention. The jewelry demonstrates their unique style. In fact, some women select styles with beads because they are creative and cheerful and they wish to share this with others. A woman might choose a pair featuring her birthstone, and others choose a pair with symbols important to them. The options are endless, and it’s simply a matter of finding the pair that speaks to her. Earth tones and handmade jewelry are also two styles to consider when comparing dangling earrings.

Diamond Studs

Diamond Studs Earrings for the Message You Want to Convey

Many men and women look at diamond studs as a symbol of love. Nevertheless, women like to wear their studs any time, even if the relationship that led to the gifting of the earrings is over. Friends or family might present a woman with these earrings to show her she is special. Moreover, a lady puts the studs on whenever she wants to feel loved and treasured. They perfectly complement formal wear as well, so they can go from an afternoon out on the town with friends to a black-tie event at night with ease.

Additionally, studs come in many styles, not simply diamonds or pearls. A woman who regularly chooses this type of earring lets others know that she is a simple, no-fuss individual. Additionally, she is someone who prefers a simple life and doesn’t have time to dress up in fluff and frills. Athletic women prefer this style as do those who tend to follow a healthy lifestyle. Nevertheless, some women like to wear multiple studs that go up the ear from the lobe through the cartilage. These women want it all and show this by their earring choices. Ladies who go for this look tell others they have a personality with multiple facets and the earrings show these different facets.

Full Ear Earrings

Women who wear full ear earrings do so as they wish to make a fashion statement and already do with their clothing. They know who they are and love to share this message with others. These ladies tend to be very creative in other areas of their lives and have an eye for design, what works, and what doesn’t. They see the world in a different light than most and make their personal world as unique as they are. This projection to the world also includes their earrings and other jewelry choices.

Fan Earrings

Trendsetters love fan earrings, as it shows they are on the cutting edge of style. These ladies love the unusual and exotic and enjoy distinguishing themselves from the crowd. The earrings make it easy to achieve this goal.


Hoops Earrings

Oversized hoops provide a focal point for an outfit and may be used as a statement piece. Nevertheless, hoops come in a wide range of sizes so women shouldn’t assume they are only used to add drama to the outfit. Pick small or medium-sized hoops to show others that you are friendly and approachable. Earrings in these sizes make a woman’s smile look wider. Hoops go great with everything from shorts and a tank top to a formal outfit, depending on the pair selected. Although some fashion experts say hoops go in and out of style, women know they remain a staple in a well-dressed woman’s wardrobe.

People often say women who wear hoops are open to new experiences. They love meeting and engaging with new people because their social life remains the focus of their existence. Their personality is big, and they love to share their thoughts and opinions with others. Women who wear hoops also tend to be the life of the party and someone others want to be around whenever possible.

Gauges or Spikes

Women who have no fear and take life to the extreme love to wear gauges or spikes. Nothing scares these women and they go after what they want in life, knocking down every obstacle thrown in their way. Many women wearing these earrings live an alternative lifestyle and love shocking others by discarding all norms. Trendsetters often choose their earrings, and others look to them for new styles to try. However, people shouldn’t assume these individuals wear earrings or dress a certain way just to get attention. Those who do so are often influenced by music that has touched their soul in a meaningful way.

Huggy Earrings

Some individuals describe Huggy earrings as hoop earrings that have grown up. These hoops sit very close to the earlobe and appear more sophisticated than their hoop counterparts. While young people wear hoops to symbolize their friendly and open personality, many fashion experts say Huggy earrings are a signal the woman is now nurturing, dependable, and motherly. Women who wear these earrings tie off loose ends and keep their lives in order. Others look to them for leadership.

Precious Gem Earrings

Precious Gem Earrings

Women who regularly wear precious gem earrings do so because they appreciate the real deal. They don’t like fake items, even when it comes to their jewelry, and they look for the truth and authenticity in every area of life. In direct contrast to those women who wear gauges and spikes, women who wear precious gem earrings live life in a traditional manner. These ladies live a financially stable life and are less likely to engage in spontaneous activity. They love having people over to their homes and often are great event organizers.

Charm Earrings

Some women choose to pull out their charm earrings and wear them as often as possible. These earrings attract attention as they are fun and whimsical, and the woman wearing them is often viewed in the same way. Women who wear charm earrings are seen as outgoing, friendly, and pleasing to spend time with.

Statement Earrings

Statement Earrings

Fun-loving ladies often pull out statement earrings as they want to be fashionable and enjoy having the attention on them. The earrings serve as an expression of their creativity. However, care must be taken when wearing earrings of this type. Pair them with a simple outfit for a balanced look and to ensure the focus remains on the statement earrings where it belongs.

Convey Your Message with Earrings

Women, when getting dressed in the morning, need to carefully consider their earring choices to find the pair that best fits their outfit, mood, and personality. The same is true when donning earrings for an afternoon out with friends or a date with a significant other at night. Earrings convey a message every time they are worn, and ladies need to keep this in mind. Those that do find they select the perfect earrings for any occasion every time and look outstanding as a result.

If you want to convey your message with earrings, where do you begin? Let us know in the comments below. You will also find other interesting links to all things design.

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