Perhaps you’ve thought about purchasing a cottage for years and you’ve saved the money. This is the summer that’s going to change your life because you’re going to buy a brand new summer home. Waking up to the sounds of birds chirping and the loon gliding gently across the lake is about to be your new morning ritual. However, there’s one catch: you have to buy the cottage first! You’ve likely been thinking about where to start your search. Perhaps you’re looking for an area that’s accessible by car but yet remote for privacy and solitude. Why not join the thousands of others who buy properties in Muskoka?

People from all over the globe flock to the beautiful Canadian region of Muskoka, Ontario, each summer for over one hundred years. It’s home to luxurious cottages and is even a summer hot spot destination for some well-known Hollywood elite. Read on to learn why it’s the ideal place for you and the family to find the cottage of your dreams.

3 Reasons Why Muskoka is a Fantastic Place to Buy a Summer Home

1. It’s easily accessible and in a convenient location.

Why Muskoka is the Best Summer Home Destination

The district of Muskoka is 200km north of Toronto and about a ten-hour drive from New York. You can even take an Ontario Northland bus from one of the numerous Go Train stops in the Greater Toronto Area to a designated Muskoka station. 

When you have a cottage in Muskoka, you’ll always be within a short distance of one of the most lively and charming towns in this area. You will always have enough groceries nor will you find the rain boring. You can get in the car, head into town in a matter of minutes, hit up the grocery store, and check out one of Muskoka’s many historical and cultural museums. 

2. You get to enjoy lots of wildlife and nature. 

Why Muskoka is the Best Summer Home Destination

Everyone agrees that this part of the world is stunningly beautiful. There are over 1,600 lakes, about 250 bird species, 50 kinds of mammals, and a breathtaking landscape marked by rugged rock formations. The area is in the southern Canadian Shield, so expect to see rivers and lakes that were carved into the shield in prehistoric times by retreating glaciers. 

Also, it’s not just the gorgeous rocky landscapes that people love. It’s the tranquility and peace brought on by lakeside living. Each morning you wake up to the glorious sounds of birds and the gentle washing of waves against the lake’s shore. You might even see a family of deer run by your window. 

3. You also get to enjoy modern accommodations.

Why Muskoka is the Best Summer Home Destination

While the outside is full of forests and fauna, the summer homes in Muskoka are second to none. For example, check out these Port Carling cottages for sale. You won’t find this type of cottage-luxury anywhere else. You’ll find elegant swimming pools and saunas, boathouses lovely enough to live in, and massive cottages built with all the convenient amenities of home.

When you begin your summer home search, start with Muskoka. After getting a taste of this magical place, you won’t want to look anywhere else. If you have any questions or suggestions, we always love to hear from you in the comments below. Also below are links that will take you to more fantastic articles about ALL things DESIGN for your home or business.

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