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6 Effortless Airport Holiday Travel Fashions

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Holiday travel is a big deal for many families throughout the winter season. For one thing, it’s school vacation time which makes it the perfect time to get away with the whole family. Whether you want to escape from the hustle and bustle of city life or simply want a change of scenery, this is a great time of year for travel.

With holiday travel comes the question of what to wear to look fabulous yet be able to navigate those airports with ease. What you wear depends on whether you travel to escape the winter chill for an easy ocean breeze or simply a short snowy getaway close to home.

However, if airline travel is a part of your vacation, then plan ahead for just the right fashion when you travel. Here are six designing inspirations to rock your airport travel look.

Holiday Travel • 6 Airport Travel Fashions You Will Love

Stylish Comfort & Cheer

The trick is to feel cozy and look stylish at the same time. Additionally, the best tip is to layer clothing to adjust for differing temperatures coming and going. You’ll also want to opt for comfortable shoes to keep your feet ready to travel from one end of the terminal to the other.

Also, think ahead about the luggage and bags you need to carry and don’t overdo it with heavy clothing that adds to your load. Instead, keep it simple and lightweight in the fashion you choose to wear for your holiday travel scene.

↧   Warmer Destinations

Bring out the sunglasses and light breezy tops in black and white poplin or a bright white tee. Wear them with skinny jeans and sandals or an easy-breezy khaki jumpsuit. Keep lightweight scarves and jackets handy for quick layering. Plus, hats are optional for an additional layer of protection from the sun.

Holiday Travel Stripped Poplin Outfit

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Holiday Travel White Top Black Skinny Jeans

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Holiday Travel Airport Jumpsuit Chopra

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↥   Cooler Destinations 

Traveling from one destination to the other during the winter months gives a new definition to layering. These ladies are dressing it up and down with black low-heeled boots and walking boots. Plus, the denim skinny jeans are holiday travel must-haves and go very nicely with big loose outerwear and ankle-high boots.

Holiday Travel Black Jeans Boots Top Camel Coat

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Holiday Travel Airport Gigi Hadid

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•   Happy Holiday Traveling!

Whether you travel to destinations near or far, you’re sure to get some inspiration from these travel fashions. Remember to keep it simple and travel lightly then, relax and enjoy every mile of your holiday journey this year.

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