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Put Spring in Your Step and In Your Home Decor

Changing your home decor with the seasons is a fun way to spruce up your home. We often find ourselves stuck in a rut, but changing up a few decorations can spice up our day to day.

Interior designer, Alejandra Bernardez of Alejandra Bernardez Interior Design shares with us her tips for celebrating the spring season using home decor. With a little help from Pinterest, we were able to put together a few great ideas to get you started!

Spring Decorating Tips

Spring has to be celebrated with home decor, good vibes and soirees. It is important to love what you own and only own what you need – always keep the prettiest and more stylish objects around and let go of those you have too many or are not so attached with. Keep in mind, spring is a blooming season and it is time to share what you do not need and donate to help others in need.

Mix and Match

– Save time and revitalize by moving things around. Dominate space by grouping objects. Small items tend to get lost and not seen when they are not grouped -especially if used on tall shelving; make sure to lower all small items to eye level. The concept of grouping also applies to bigger decor; for example: A variety of glass vases will always create a bigger statement than one by itself. Grouping is not only a visual exercise but also helps to organize your home and to know exactly what you own and its location.


– Familiarize with your belongings and dare to mix and match. Bring out antique family pieces and re-style them. Spring is the perfect time to recycle those loved pieces that have been in a closet for years. Locate these attention-grabbing pieces somewhere where they will be noticed and sit down and wait for the wow factor to come as guests arrive.

Bring the Outside, In

– Invite nature in! Bring tulips to the entry way; this refined flower not only smells great but is also feminine, delicate and looks rich in any vase. Refresh the powder room with the wonderful aroma and colorfulness of freesias and pick out romantic roses for the master bedroom! Remember succulents are the latest trend and are a very durable selection as long as they are not over watered. It is very important to pick meaningful flowers that bring out good memories and coordinate with the existing color palette.

Splash of Color

– Dare to change into a new season scheme. Add splashes of color with big patterned bedding, textured pillows and exciting area rugs. By renovating bed skirts a whole new color scheme can be brought up to scene with little effort. It is also vital to add jewelry trims to the bottom of window treatments; especially on valances and roman shades. Once these are up, day light will make them sparkle and light up the room!

Neutral Spring Decor

– Neutral spaces are easier to work with through the seasons; those splashes of color that are used at certain times a year are only there to supplement the existing décor and to add a touch of spring fun to the space. Stay conservative; always try to keep it simple and coordinated. Neutral colors are a personal favorite that can be accompanied with sheen, texture, pattern and the combination of different materials such as glass, metal, wood or acrylic. Good designs are timeless and the main goal is not to be noticed but remembered.

How have you incorporated spring into your home decor?

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